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Posted on October 11 2019

Writer: Shamiera Osment
JOYLEE™ Intelligent Breast Pump - Ipump Helps to Smooth your Breastfeeding Journey. | Hi everyone, as a mother of 3 children breastfeeding always my first choice when giving milk to my kids. My first experience during breastfeeding might not easy as it seems but thank you to the support from my sister and husband it went well.
A good support for first time mom is important during the breastfeeding journey. Breastfeeding can be troublesome for first time and I also facing the same issue during my first born. My daughter didn't want to direct feeding with me. And thats the time I bought a breast pump just to exclusive breastfeed my daughter.  A breast pump definitely a good support during my first breastfeeding journey.
Me with JOYLEE™ Intelligent Breast Pump - Ipump
So in case you don't know why mother so committed to breastfeed their babies, it is because breast milk can provide the best nutrients as it contains enough nutrients for baby to grow. Colostrums in breast milk can strengthen the baby's immune system and protect the baby from infections such as diarrhea, colds, bronchitis and pneumonia as well as prevent allergy problems such as asthma and eczema. Breast milk can help the baby's brain development and enhance the baby's intelligence. Breast milk is not easily contaminated. During the breastfeeding, the baby and the mother will be able to interact with each other and this will enhance a loving relationship between mother and baby. 
Breastfeeding can help to shrink your uterus and restore it to its original size quickly and reduce postpartum bleeding. It can also burn calories and restore your body shape quickly and reduce cancer risk. Breastfeeding also does not require the expenditure and supply of formula milk and is good for the environment as it does not require bottles, cans and boxes. 
Miss Olivia Chew and Dr. Tengku Atikah during the launch.
Hence the benefits of breastfeeding, JOYLEE™ has introduced a modern, intelligent, convenient and comfortable JOYLEE™ Intelligent Breast Pump - Ipump for modern mobile milk pumps for moms. I witness the launch of the product on Sunday,15 Sepetember 2019 at the KLCC Convention Centre. 
JOYLEE™ Intelligent Breast Pump - Ipump has a control button that controls the suction accordingly. This intelligent breast pump definitely the first in Malaysia that is invented by young woman who concern about motherhood journey, Miss Olivia Chew. During the launch we also had a great segment with Dr. Tengku Atikah, Bondahaven founder who also share a lot of information about breast feeding and breast pump.
Miss Olivia Chew with JOYLEE™ Intelligent Breast Pump
JOYLEE™ Intelligent Breast Pump - Ipump has 27 types of suction from low to maximum. Each posting will be recorded and will also be displayed on the display screen to keep mom updated. It's safe and clean and has dual function and also massages at a time. There is also a stop and resume button feature to make it easier for mom to do more work at a time. It also helps to correct nipple retraction during the use of the JOYLEE™ Ipump. Now moms no longer have to worry about making baby milk stock because with the JOYLEE™ Ipump it comfortable and safe to use anywhere with a long-term battery for working moms.
JOYLEE™ Intelligent Breast Pump - Ipump 
With the use of the JOYLEE™ Ipump, it is possible to prevent the breast from sagging as it has been designed according to the design of the breast sphere to provide protection and provide a comfortable suction without prolonging and pulling the nipple longer. It is also designed with silicon valves to prevent contamination due to overflow
and backflow of breast milk. The massage program is to increase milk production by increasing the suction by 100 times in 1 minute. Mothers do not have to worry about breastfeeding for their baby. JOYLEE™ Ipump are very practical and easy to carry
JOYLEE™ Ipump can be purchased online at for only RM497 and comes with a JOYLEE™ Breast Pump & Milk Breast Cooler Bag of RM 149, a JOYLEE™ Nursing Cover of RM129, and a JOYLEE™ Ice Pack of RM15 for FREE. This modern
JOYLEE™ Ipump also comes with a PPSU-made milk bottle which is durable and can stand for high temperatures and repeated sterilization.
A single electric breast pump are my first choice when choosing a breast pump. It much more practical and easy to carried. Now you can provide the best for your baby anywhere.
For more information, please visit to or contact with JOYLEE Customer Service at +6016 263 7743 
Happy breastfeeding mommies!

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