There are lots of argument regarding the pros and cons of Asian parenting style and Western parenting style. Each parenting style primarily focus on different aspect according to the parents' expectation towards their child.

Parenting style is an important factor on affecting the child psychological and physical development, such as behavior, self-esteem, individuality and more. Both parenting style are representative of two extremes, let have a look on:

What are the difference between Asian Parenting and Western Parenting style?

1. Strictness and Freedom

Asian parents always enforce discipline with punishment or rules and regulations. Asian parents will not hesitate to rub it in when their children doesn't listen to them and ended up being right. Although parents its not always right, but they tend to pick the best choice for their children to prevent mistakes. However, immature kids might not be able to identify between tough love and hate, this might ruined the relationship between both parties. 

Western parent are more liberal. They will be softer on their kids when things go wrong and be considerate on the feelings of their children.  While this has the benefit of actively creating something of a sanctuary, it can also lead to a child becoming more prone to making mistakes since their parents will always pick up the consequences anyway.



2. Academics

Asian parents always demand good academic performance. This is because Asian parents often think that good result will help their children to stand up between competition in the society. 

On the other hand, Western parents don't push their children to get a good academic result. They will focus more on building self-esteem and prevent  underperformance in life because of anti-socializing. 

In fact, children's development often rely on their parent's expectation and parenting style. It is important for parents to keep the balance and educate their children to try their best in every aspect. 



3. Respect

In Asian family, there is an autocratically-inclined way of raising their children. Questioning the authority or offering opinion on an issue will be scolded as disrespectful. The Asian culture is mainly focused on the respect of elderly or authority figures.

As learning on respecting someone is still important, Western parents will try to established a friendship with their children. They will try to make their child feel like his/her opinion or feeling are important. However, this might lead to improper respect when their child is trying to make their point.

Parents often mix up between outspoken and disrespect. They have to know when to adapt their children's opinion as parents might not be always right. It is important to relate to each other and be a parents first then a friend.



4.Owing each other

In Asian culture, "old-folks home" seems to be a very sensitive word. When Asian kids mention about sending their parents to the old-folks home, it is an act of disrespectful and irresponsibility. This is because Asian parents think that their children should  repay them as they raise them.

In Western culture, they believe that they owe everything to their children as their children didn't ask to be born. Therefore, they have the responsibility to their kid for bringing them into the world. Most of them is expected to be sent to old-folks home during their old age.



5. Independency

Asian family is often dominated by Confucian ideas, which means a child has obligations to the family. Chinese parents want their children to be successful mainly for their children’s own good, but they also want their children to bring honor to the family. Asian children normally rely their parents more than Western children.

Western family always support liberation and freedom. They always taught their kids to have their own way of thinking and do whatever they want which is harmless to them. According to research, Western children are often more independent than Asian children.

It is important for someone to be independent as we cannot rely on our parents forever. For example, children should be able to take care themselves instead of relying on their parents. Parents should start to educate their children to be independent and care giving.


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