Although being fun and sociable is important for a kid's childhood, however extracurricular activities is important too. Playing a musical instrument is an enriching activity for kids. Kids have to find it interested when they are learning music, otherwise there will be no obvious improvement or even counter-effect. Therefore, it is important for parents not to force their kids to participate in music activities. 

According to researchers, Peter Gouzouasis, students who participate in music-related activities achieve significantly higher scores high school than non-musical classmates, according to a new large-scale study. There are lots of other benefit for children to learn musical instrument.

What are the benefit of children learning a musical instrument?

1. Self expression

Music can help children to manage their feelings better. Children might find it difficult to express their feelings to their parents as they might have limited communication skills. Some emotions in them cannot be vented. 

Music will give them the chance to exteriorize their emotion with the instrument they are playing. By learning to play an instrument, kids can convey their emotions in a healthy and productive way.



2. Comprehension Skills

Playing and learning music requires  reading and processing through notation. They have to understand the way to play it by identifying the note. For example, they have to know , how long to hold it, what finger to use and how loudly or quietly to play it. 

Playing a music could stimulate various part of the brain of a child in different configuration simultaneously. This could help the children to comprehend an abstract quickly and improve the studying process and efficiency.



3. Boost Self Esteem

Lessons offer a forum where children can learn to accept and give constructive criticism. Turning negative feedback into positive change helps build self-confidence. Children can understand the room for improvement and enhance their self esteem. 

As most of the musical instrument is presentable with a performance, such as piano, guitar or violin, children tend to improve their self esteem and became more confident through presenting their skills. When a child is mature or advance enough, the y can stand out with their current musical skills.



4. Improve memory capacity

People can get really forgetful to little things when they are busy. Children could improve their memory skills since a young age. This improvement require long term training on specific musical instrument. For example, children will have to memorize which strings correspond with which notes and how to play chords with specific hand positions.

At the same time, children have to concentrate and comprehend well in order to remember. This is important for a children as it would affect the learning or working efficiency of a child in the future. 



5. Improve coordination

There are lots of people could not coordinate their body well even for professionals. They cannot concentrate if they are disrupted by others or multi-tasking might be impossible for them. 

By learning music in an early age, it could train children's coordination skills by concentrating on reading music and converting the notes into the physical motion of playing. hey have to work quickly and efficiently to achieve a greatest performance. As a result, kids can significantly improve their brain, eyes and body coordination.



Although there are lots of benefits for children to play musical instrument, parents have to make sure that the music instrument is safe and hygienic to be kept and use. Viruses and germs often spread through body interaction which is a must for a music leaner. 

To make sure that germs and viruses does not attack the children with low immune system, parents have to make everything is safe and clean to use. 


JOYLEE®️ Daily Protection Combo

Children could use our JOYLEE Daily Protection Combo to keep the environment and instrument clean. The health of the children is always the priority. 



JOYLEE®️ Ultraviolet Sterilizer Box

The omnidirectional sterilizing process with aromatic fragrance. 
Some small music equipment such as guitar pick, can be placed in the UV Sterilizer Box fr sterilizing process to eliminate germs.



JOYLEE®️ Ultraviolet Sterilizer Rod

Sterilize and stay hygienic with just 20 seconds.

UV Sterilizer Rod is suitable to sterilize every music instrument without damaging the material with harmful chemical as UVC light does not contain any chemical substance.



JOYLEE®️ Disinfectant Spray

75% pure ethanol that kills 99.99% of bacteria.

This disinfectant spray is a quick drying material that are suitable to clean every corner in the music classroom. This is because music class will require a lot of interaction. Therefore, cleaning every corner of the classroom will be a good way to prevent virus spreading.



JOYLEE®️ Hand Sanitizer

75% pure ethanol with hospital-grade sanitizer.

Every children should sanitize their hand with this hospital-grade sanitizer. It has a suitable volume for a whole classroom student. Sanitation is important to prevent germs spreading throughout the interaction in a musical class.