Confinement Nanny VS Confinement Centre

Confinement Nanny VS Confinement Centre

Confinement Nanny VS Confinement Centre

After the process of pregnancy and delivering, mommy and baby might require an extra care on their health and daily lifestyle as mommy might have difficulty in moving. Confinement period is an eastern tradition after delivering to restore their pre-pregnancy's composition. There are two ways for mommy to have support during their confinement period which is confinement centre and confinement nanny. 

Confinement centre normally provide care packages for mommy and her baby. Their needs will be fully taken care of including accommodations. Confinement nanny is a lady who take care of mommy and baby privately by staying at their home.

It is subjective to compare between both confinement support. The quality of the confinement services will also affect the choices for mommy. 



What are the major difference between a confinement centre and a confinement nanny?

1. Responsibilities

A confinement nanny is responsible on taking care mommy and baby at home. This include bathing the baby, feeding the baby, prepare confinement meal and more. Other than providing confinement care, some confinement nanny is responsible on housechores such as cleaning the house, washing the laundry and more. Therefore, other than taking care of mommy and baby, the confinement lady will taking care of your family partially.

On the other hand, a confinement centre is responsible on taking care of both mommy and baby too. It will depends on the caring packages that the centre could provide. However,  a confinement centre is not responsible on any private matters other than confinement support.



2. Confinement myth

In the past, there are lots of confinement myth or belief regarding confinement care such as avoid washing your hair during confinement period. However, it is no right or wrong on this matter. These myth is normally passed down by older generations.

Because of this, mother or or other older generation's family members that take care of mommy could lead to some disagreement with the confinement nanny, such as feeding, bathing, discipline and even hygiene during your confinement. This might affect the relationship between everyone at home.

A confinement centre also believe in  traditional dietary restrictions or practices, but those are backed by science in order to help the new mummies to rejuvenate and re-nourish themselves back to health.

Therefore, there will be less conflict as everything has scientific evidence.



3. Research

New parents can only seek for experience and helpful confinement nanny through recommendation or agency. As confinement nanny might partially involve in your private life, therefore both mommy and nanny have to get along well in other to have a peaceful relationship.

On the other hand, parents can easily do research on confinement centre via internet with reviews. Mommy can always pick the right confinement centre through customer's review or caring packages. Confinement centre often provide extra care for personal needs requested.

Click here to find out more about things to consider when choosing a confinement centre.



4. Cost

A confinement nanny might seems more traditional compare to confinement centre. However, they do not come cheap, depending on their popularity, experience, surcharge due to festive season, ad hoc case, ang pau as a token of appreciation, etc. Price range will in between RM5,000 to RM10,000 excluding confinement meal, Chinese herbs & spices, mom’s and baby’s products, massage service, expenses incurred while nanny stays in the new parents’ house, etc.

For confinement centre, the price varies between each caring packages. Mommy can decide which package to get depending on the price and services. However, the price will normally not be as costly as a confinement nanny. 



5. Privacy

Mommy can have more privacy with a confinement nanny at home compare to confinement centre. Even though there are private room in a confinement centre, mommy will still have to communicate with others when she leave her room. 

Privacy is important in the confinement care process especially for new mommy. This is because their body might have big changes after their first delivery, or they might face problem on breastfeeding. Some mommy would prefer some privacy in these cases.



Although a confinement centre will have a clean and hygienic environment, germs and viruses will always spread through human contact such as visitors or other mommies. There will always be a risk of contamination when we are having human interaction, even when we are having a conversation.


JOYLEE®️ Daily Protection Combo

The innovative ways to provide a clean and hygienic environment for mommy , baby or everyone in the confinement centre. JOYLEE Daily Protection Combo protects the everyone from germs and viruses that cause infection.



JOYLEE®️ Ultraviolet Sterilizer Box

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We could sterilize item like phone or wallet to prevent viruses spreading to mommy or baby, even visitors.



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UV Sterilizer Rod is suitable to sterilize almost everything (such as towels) without damaging the material with harmful chemical as UVC light does not contain any chemical substance.




JOYLEE®️ Disinfectant Spray

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This disinfectant spray is a quick drying material that are suitable to clean every corner in the confinement centre or room. Cleaning every corner of the centre will be a good way to prevent virus.



JOYLEE®️ Hand Sanitizer

75% pure ethanol with hospital-grade sanitizer.

We  should sanitize their hand with this hospital-grade sanitizer. It has a suitable volume for huge usage. Sanitation is important to prevent germs spreading throughout the interaction between everyone.