Welcoming your baby might the most wonderful things that happen to you. Babies stay in their mom's belly for 8-10 months and enter to this world in on of two ways: vaginal birth or a surgical delivery by Caesarean section. The goal of both delivery method is to safely give birth to a healthy baby. 

There are lots of considerations for parents to make on the delivery method. However, there are cases that C-section is necessary to keep both mommy and baby safe. Let's head up and understand more about both delivery method:

What are the Difference Between Vaginal Birth and Cesarean Delivery (C-Section) ?

Vaginal/Natural Birth

A vaginal birth is a natural birth that the mother will experience labor as her cervix dilates. There will be a super-strong menstrual cramps to move the baby's head toward the vaginal opening, where it emerges after pushing. The process is painful and tired for mommies which is unimaginable. 

Some mommy will have pain relief and medication during a vaginal delivery such as Demerol, nitrous oxide or epidural to help pushing and pain-relieve. 



Advantage of vaginal birth

  • Natural birth does not require invasive technique to women's body, therefore there are low possibilities that to cause harm on women's body. 
  • Shorter recovery period and hospital stay for mommy compare to C-section. Mommy will normally need to stay in hospital for 24 to 48 hours. 
  • Mommy usually able to hold her baby sooner than C-section delivery. Mommy can have breastfeeding earlier.
  • For babies, vaginal birth can help squeeze fluid out of baby’s lungs. This reduces the incidence of breathing problems for baby.
  • A natural birth can provide baby a helpful dose of good bacteria that could boost baby's immune system and protect the intestinal tract. Their immune system can be build up easily since little.

Disadvantage of vaginal birth

  • During vaginal delivery, skin and tissue around the vagina may tear as the baby moves down through birth canal. If tearing occurs, mommy may need stitches to prevent negative effect on their urine and bowel function which happens more frequently after vaginal birth.
  • Extremely tired and painful process
  • A vaginal birth may leave mom with some pain on the area between the vagina and anus.



As we can see that there are lots of advantage of natural vaginal birth to mommy and baby. Therefore, mommy could have some preparation to increase the chances of  vaginal birth such as pregnancy care. Mommy can hire some pregnancy care specialist to look after them through the whole pregnancy, labor and birth process to increase the chances of next vaginal birth. Mommy can attend some birth classes or make their next birth plan too.

However, there a few cases that mommy have to go through C-section to make sure the safety of both mommy and babies. 

Cesarean Delivery (C-Section)

A caesarean section is an operation to give birth to your baby. Mommy will be given anesthetic so they don't feel any pain on the delivering process. The specialist doctor called an obstetrician will cut an opening in your lower tummy area and into your uterus, so your baby and the placenta can be lifted out.

There are two kinds of C-sections, which is planned C-section and emergency C-section. Doctors may schedule a C-section if it’s considered safer than vaginal delivery for medical reasons such as pregnancy with multiples, a large baby, maternal medical issues like high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes. For emergency C-section, something may happen during labor to necessitate a C-section such as placental abruption or a prolapsed umbilical cord.



Advantage of C-section delivery:

  • A planned cesarean section have lowers the risk of birth injuries for babies.
  • Less pain and effort for mommy while delivering.
  • Less injury to vagina
  • Reduce the risk of heavy bleeding after birth and loss control of bladder, however it might still happens.
  • Predictable delivery date by scheduling.

Disadvantages of C-section delivery:

  • Longer recovery time compared to natural birth. Mommy will normally need to stay in hospital for at least 4 days. 
  • The risk for discomfort after the birth is greater due to normal and expected surgical pain along the incision and abdominal soreness that could last for several months.
  • Increase the risk of placenta abnormalities as C-section is a very invasive operation to women's body.
  • Risk of getting scars.
  • Mommy will have higher risk of blood loss and injury to the bowels or bladders.
  • Mommy usually able to hold her baby later than natural birth delivery. Mommy will have to breastfeed later.
  • For baby, C-section will increase the risk of breathing problem, such as asthma, which would carry down to your baby's future. 

There are lots of mommy would prefer a C-section delivery to avoid pain. There are no right or wrong in this decision as long as both mommy and baby is safe and sound. However, mommy should have expectation after a C-section delivery:

  • Painful or uncomfortable to move around.
  • Take longer to start exercising or active after birth
  • Have trapped wind, which can be painful.
  • Find it harder to establish breastfeeding as you cannot move around freely for a long time.
  • Have an increased risk of blood clots that could cause harm to your body in many ways.



In conclusion, there are pros and cons on both delivery method. Parents should pick a suitable delivery method to make sure the safety of both mommy and baby. 

Regardless of both delivery method, mommy will have to visit the hospital for pre-delivery preparation such as shower. Unseen and contagious germs and viruses might be everywhere in the hospital. We should keep the environment safe and hygienic to prevent any infection to mommy or even babies. 


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