Mother's Day Special: Interviewing Mothers and Spreading Joy

Mother's Day Special: Interviewing Mothers and Spreading Joy

Mother's Day Special: Interviewing Mothers and Spreading Joy

The true joy of parenthood is never fully experienced without the moments with your children.

Everyday we remind ourselves that our work in Joykids is to bring joy to more children, parents and families. Yet, what is joy? Different people have different definition of joy. For parents, it is always said that their joy always revolves around their children. How true is that? On this Mother's Day, our team from Joykids planned to validate this out.

Our mission took place last Sunday. Together with our founder Olivia, we interviewed the mothers around Desa Park City on their joyful moments. Also, as part of the celebration for Mother's Day, we brought them a joyful surprise by giving them a beautiful flower to appreciate their dedication to their children.

The mission of collecting joyful moments from mothers was not an ordeal for us, because there were quite many families hanging together on this weekend. We easily spotted a few mothers who seemed to be having some great time together with their children, hence without further ado we approached them and started our mission. 

First, we interviewed a local mum with two children. She shared with us her joy is seeing her children laugh and smile, which we believe many mothers resonate with her on this. The sense of knowing that your children are in good state and feel happy, is probably the best joy to every mother.

The mother that we interviewed later on is a Malaysian Chinese lady. Her joy is seeing her children started to walk, which she found also a great sense of relief! She also jokingly shared with us that once children know how to walk, she felt more freedom for herself. Perhaps here's the thought bubble for everyone, how much freedom that a mother sacrifices in raising her child?

Another mother that we approached is an expatriate mum staying near Desa Park City. For her, what joy mean is simply being with her child spending quality time together and get involved in her hobby which is drawing together. Simple actions that spark joyful moments. We believe from children perspective as well, the presence of our mother to simply being with us, is the most precious joy in this world.

We continued busting into a Caucasian lady with four children around her. It was thrilling to us that this mother has been travelling with her children over the last month, and to her simple moments like this playing in the park were the joyful moments that she experienced. There could be many more exciting and outstanding experiences they had together as a family during their trip, yet it's amazing to know that they enjoy the most simple moments like this. What else could a mother ask for other than time with children, after all?

The last mother that we approached was a charmingly soft lady, and to our surprise this soft lady has a tough experience being a single mother. We felt her positiveness and tenacity through the conversation with her, and she did share plenty of her experiences being a mother especially single mother to us, which to her it's all filled with joyful moments because being a mother is the best job in the world for her!

Here is a snippet on some joyful moments that we have collected from the mothers. Hope that the video here gives you a glance on what joy means and hopefully it brings some joyful smile to you as well. Happy Mother's Day to everyone!