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New Birth, New Joy: A Joyful Nation

Hello Joykids

Posted on May 15 2018

Hello joyful parents!

Last weekend, we saw an uplifting moment where the people of Malaysia came together for the GE14. All over Malaysia, people waited it out and stood for what they believed in, all in hopes of a better tomorrow for their children. We at JOYKIDS were so proud to be able to do our part as voters, and we know you are too! It just shows how important it is for us to stand united, to hope for change, and to make a change for ourselves and the next generation.

As Malaysia geared up to make a change for the nation, JOYKIDS also hosted a Surprise Gift Giveaway on our Facebook page in conjunction with the elections! We celebrated a joyous moment when the election results were announced, but we also made time to randomly select a winner for our giveaway. Congratulations to NG PF, and thank you to all of you who participated!

Congratulations once again, Malaysia! We’re looking forward to a bright future with a new government. No doubt there will be change, but we hope it will be change that strengthens, enriches and unites our country more than ever.

Let’s continue to work together to provide a joyful future for our little ones!

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