Official Launching of JOYLEE™ Ipump @ ASEAN Lifestyle Week

Official Launching of JOYLEE™ Ipump @ ASEAN Lifestyle Week

Official Launching of JOYLEE™ Ipump @ ASEAN Lifestyle Week

Wondering what we were up to during the last long weekend from 13th to 15th September? Our JOYLEE™ team was honoured to be part of ASEAN Lifestyle Week in KLCC - one of the grandest event in showcasing the best in lifestyle products, services and practices.

Showcasing a complete JOYFUL experience

Our participation at the event came in two main parts, which are our JOYLEE Experiential Booth and JOYLEEIpump Official Launching.

All the attendees managed to immerse in a complete “JOYFUL” experience whereby they can learn more about the full range of JOYLEEproducts, involving in the DEMO, and having live QnA session with our team.

As token of appreciation to our brand supporters as well, every registered attendee was eligible for the joyful gift that we had prepared! Not only experiencing JOYLEEbut they also stand the chance in bringing JOYLEE™ home!

Welcoming the intelligent era of breastfeeding

Not to forget about the most highlighted part of the event – the launching of JOYLEE™ latest product. Officiated by our founder Olivia, we revealed to the audience JOYLEE™ Ipump – Intelligent Breast Pump.

Integrated with a comprehensive smart features that make breastfeeding simpler, easier, and more efficient, JOYLEE™ Ipump has already "pumped up" the audiences in welcoming a new era with enormous joy while breastfeeding!


The hype did not stop just there. With the thorough explanation by Dr Tengku Atiqah, the audience learnt that breastfeeding can happen seamlessly and effortlessly with the aid of JOYLEE™ Ipump technology. Plus, the DEMO session at the booth with artificial breast gave a simulated experience to everyone on the ideal breastfeeding experience too.

“I did not know that breastfeeding can be so advanced nowadays!”

“From now on, breastfeeding will never be the same again!”

“I’m so amazed by how smart these features are and I can’t wait to try breastfeeding with Ipump!”


Counting the blessings that make JOY happen

The success of this event would not be possible without the contribution from various parties. Let us take this chance to thank all the people behind the scenes that make this event a huge success.

Sending here our heartfelt gratitude to everyone here:

  • Our VIP - MP Khairy Jamaluddin & wife Nori Abdullah Badawi for your generous visit and warm support at our booth. Even with busy schedule, you make time to officiate the event and drop by the booths. We appreciate it very much!

  • The organizer ASEAN Lifestyle Week 2019 for giving us this opportunity to showcase our success in this international platform. This platform accelerates our business to grow into a larger scale and wider outreach. Thank you!

  • Dr Tengku Atiqah from our partner Bonda Haven for the informative session on joyful parenting and breastfeeding. Thanks for bringing us the realization that parenting journey can simple and hassle-free. The advice and tips from you are indeed very helpful to all the attendees.

  • Our friends from mainstream media, Instagram influencers, bloggers who generously helped us in spreading the words about the event. You connect us with a wider group of audiences and with that, we cherish all the advocacy you have made generously.

  • Our brand supporters and mummy-tribe that have shown us superbly warm support throughout the event. We were really overwhelmed by your kind responses especially at our booth!

  • Our team who worked hard behind the scenes in making sure not to miss out every detail and ensuring the experiential flow goes smoothly throughout the event! Thanks for all your dedication!

What’s next for JOYLEE™

Having marked the launching of JOYLEEIpump, what is next is definitely having JOYLEEIpump available for purchase on our online store. We are ready to reveal more exciting features of JOYLEEIpump to you soon, stay tuned for more updates!


Always being there with you every step of the way, let’s grow up with joy together!


With love and joy,