The Birth of JOY

It all began when JOYLEE founder Alivia Chew wanted to prepare herself for motherhood. The curious mother-to-be found an overwhelming variety of baby care products in the market. Which to choose? what to get first? Many single mothers and young families out there also found it challenging to choose what’s best for their babies.  Thus, JOYLEE was born. 

Let's Grow Up With Joy together! 👶


Why did we create this Rejuvenate Repair Cream?

Research showed that around six million people or 20% of the Malaysian population struggle with the disease according to data from Allergy Centre Malaysia. Weather conditions can affect our health and cause illnesses, and to encounter this hot and dry weather all year around, the majority of Malaysian face skin problems, especially eczema skin problems. 

Our founder, Olivia Chew, herself is having skin issues, and after consulting for specialist clinics and pharmacies, she found no clue to treat her skin. After she meets a cream which is formulated from Australia, her skin gets better after 2 days applied with the cream. Being suffering from the skin problems she faced, she truly understands the pain and struggle of people who are facing skin diseases, she wants to help especially babies who are the one who often suffer with rashes, eczema and skin sensitivity. Hence, she decided to bring this cream with enhanced natural ingredients into Malaysia. 


Being near the equator, Malaysia does not have four seasons but the weather is either hot and dry, or wet and rainy, depending on the monsoon seasons and geography. So, with bringing this Australia formulated cream with enhancement on the ingredients which is suitable for Malaysia hot and dry weather.

That’s why our rejuvenate repair cream was created. 


What is Rejuvenate Repair Cream?

Based on the natural ingredients, this cream is zero-paraben, steroid-free, hypoallergenic and PH-balanced. While the cream is formulated in Australia, it contains 5 types of premium natural plant extract including Olea Europaea, Cynanchum Atratum, Allantoin, Opuntia Ficus-Indica Stem and Pelargonium Graveolens, which enrich with vitamins to strengthen, soften and soothe skin from head-to-toe. With enhanced natural plant extract ingredients, helps to moisturizing, soothing, relieves dryness, redness and itching skin. 

Beside that, it is the itch relief savior for your skin because of its extra-gentle, fragrance-free and alcohol-free formula, it suits babies and adults, especially those having sensitive skin. It is thoughtfully created for the entire family for effective relief and provides long-term hydration and moisturization for skin. 

With its non-sticky cream texture, it is lightweight and easy-to-spread. It is effective for babies since this cream has small molecules and fast absorbing, companies with calming aroma helps babies sleep tight. 



Why do you need to use this?

Baby’s skin is thinner than adults, they are more prone to have irritated skin such as diaper rashes, dry skin and mosquitoes bite, especially when it comes to our country's weather, babies are more easily susceptible to suffer from eczema and skin inflammation. 

To remove the eczema-proof of baby’s life, the majority of parents started to use clean, fragrance-free detergents, soaps and lotions, this became a top priority when they are choosing their daily needs. 

By using this cream, it is safe, effective and gentle to be used on baby and adult skin, especially those adults who have sensitive skin. Other than its feature, this cream cures eczema, diaper rashes, dry skin and mosquitoes bite. Also, this 4 in 1 cream suits the entire family, and it is good to use as a daily lotion, as it is 8 hours moistures, suitable for day and night usage, naturally rich in vitamin A & E. 

While keeping your skin hydrated, healthy and joyful, this cream helps in soothing redness, reduce itchiness, prevent scaly skin, rejuvenate healthy skin and protect skin barrier. In addition, this cream is good to use daily as it keeps the baby’s skin smoothing, soothing and hydrating in hot and dry weather. Hence, this is the best solution for busy parents to choose the best cream for their baby, adapting with country hot and dry weather. 




97% said it helped relieve itchy and irritated skin.

100% said this product helped smooth skin problems. 




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