Every human in this world will get to a certain age and start having a flashback on their good old times. Although this is the case, we can choose not to age in a same way. One of the most important things to do is to stay physically and mentally active. This is an essential things to do to stay healthy and reverse the symptoms of aging. 

It is normal to have a sense of uncertainty about your future when you have reached this age. On the other hand, it may also be the most rewarding and fulfilling time of your entire life. Don't ever think that it is too late to do anything. There should be no regret in your mind as you have tons of free time to complete your repentance.

Here are some suggestion on:

What are the things to do after 60 years old?

1. Stay social active

It is normal for people at this age to feel worry about getting lonely. For single men or women, they will wonder whether they will ever find love again. Those who are coupled or married, they will have fear on being alone after their partner pass away.

It will be really fortunate for you if you have a solid supportive friendship at this age. Otherwise, at age 60, this is your time to build a supportive friendship. This is important because these people will be the one to keep you happy and accompanied when you are lonely. 

There are lots of way to stay social active such as go to the park, join a club or participating in any events.



2. Re-adjust your eating habit

As metabolism has gone low at age 60, our body does not need too much of calories. Therefore, it is recommended to eat less than usual to stay healthy. The calories you eat should provide the energy you need to live for an active and engaged life. Not too much or too less.

At this age, you should have plenty of colorful vegetables or fruits. Also wholegrain meal could reduce the risk of cholesterol. Lean meats or fish could be a suitable food to get protein. People in this age should reduce the consumption of fats to prevent sickness such as heart attack.



3. Financial consideration

At your 60's, there are lots of unique financial consideration to make. Financial debts is one of the biggest problem faced by most of the people. We should start getting aggressive in repaying their loans such as house loan, car loan and more. We should also make a budget to prevent overspending as this age as we do not have too much of active income left.

Other than that, we should also examine our investment portfolio. At the 60's, we should start being a passive investor. It is not recommended to invest in a high risk investment as we do not wish to lost most of our retirement fund or savings in an aggressive investing. Start investing in low risk portfolio such as fixed deposit or government secured investment tools. If you are still insisting on investing stocks (high risk investment), blue chips might be a good suggestion.

Of course, the suggestion given above varies according to the economy situation. Therefore, try to save more and spend less!



4. Keep trying new things

Curiosity is your best friend at 60's. Living in an advance era like this, there are tons of new things awaiting us. Don't be afraid to try on new things, because this is how we learn and understand. By having a new exposure in life, we could add lots of excitement into our life. 

Life is never too boring until you stop doing something new, Here are some suggestions: Follow your heart and your dreams, try on anything that you have always wanted to do, as long as it doesn't affect your health. 



5. Stay clean and hygienic

As we grew older, our immune system will get weaker. The immune system becomes slower to respond in our body. This will increase the risk of getting sick even if you took a vaccine. On the other hand, your body might take longer than usual to heal form any injury of sickness.

As we can see, it is important for us to stay clean and hygienic at our 60's, especially to prevent infectious disease. Germs, bacteria or viruses cannot be seen with our eyes. Therefore, we should be prepared to avoid or eliminate all the germs in our daily life.


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