Innerwear is the clothing worn beneath other clothing which is nearer to the skin. There various types of innerwear for both males and females design and for protective purposes.

However, most of the people don't have a good innerwear habit. Having a hygienic innerwear habit is important to avoid bacteria from growing.

What are the common bad innerwear habits?

1. Wearing a tight innerwear

Tight innerwear could irritate your skin because of friction. Tight underwear also promotes chafing of the skin and irritate the intimate part area. 

Tight innerwear could reduce the space for air circulation. Without a breathable innerwear, it is possible to get infected by a yeast infection, bacteria infection, heartburn, and more.

We should start wearing a fit and breathable innerwear to avoid these problems. 



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2.  Not changing innerwear everyday

According to research, 46% of people don't have the habit of changing innerwear every day. Health experts say wearing the same underwear for several days can lead to a buildup of bacteria from sweat and body fluids. This increases the risk of fungal infections in the intimate area, which means redness, itching, and a whole lot of discomfort.

We should start putting on clean underwear every day keeps your groin area fresh and discourages the growth of bacteria. 


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3. Not buying new innerwear

The fabric of the underwear deteriorates and its support of the intimate part will weaken as a result. To clarify, innerwear replacement is more about comfort and performance than it is about personal health, even if you are at risk for certain types of infections or rashes over time.

We should start changing the innerwear when the material starts to sag or the color begins to fade or the elastic waistband gives out, it’s time for those undies to go.


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4.Wearing the wrong innerwear

Innerwear material is important for a sensitive skin person. 

Silk and latex fabrics are not good at removing sweat so there may be excess moisture buildup when you wear these types of underwear that cause fungus.

Start choosing breathable and sweat absorbance material innerwear for your sensitive skin. Modal fabric material would be the best choice.


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5. Wearing a sweat innerwear

A warm, moist environment is the perfect place for yeast to grow. Therefore, it is really important for us to keep our innerwear dry and breathable. 

For sweat-prone people, they should invest in innerwear made of moisture-wicking material and avoid cotton underwear.

Therefore, it is important to pick an innerwear that were suitable for exercise to avoid bacteria or fungus to grow when you're sweating.


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In conclusion, it is important to have a good innerwear habit. It is also important to have a high-quality innerwear to avoid the above problems

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