Blackheads are black bumps that are impacted pores in which material pushes out through the follicles. The black color is not necessarily from dirt, it may be from bacteria, dead skin cells, and matter that react with oxygen.

Blackhead might be caused by various reasons. Age and hormonal changes are an important factor. Blackhead is most common during puberty when the change in hormone levels triggers a spike in sebum production.

Other factors can cause blackhead too, such as:

  • Overproduction of skin cells by the body,
  • The blocking or covering pores by cosmetics and clothing,
  • Heavy sweating, and more
  • Activities that open the hair follicles, such as shaving
  • Stress and more

However, lots of people love popping and picking their blackheads as it was tempting. This might cause a lot of problems and harm to your skin.

Reasons why you shouldn't squeeze your blackhead:

1. Scars

In the blackhead extracting process, if you're not using the correct process or tools, there's a high chance you'll leave behind some scars. Squeezing a spot might cause harm and scar of the skin without a professional procedure.



2. Irritation or infection of your skin

Squeezing your skin and applying pressure can really irritate your skin. It can cause inflammation in the area where you tried to remove the blackhead. Inflammation might transform your blackhead into pimples or other serious skin problems.



3. Might not be able to completely remove the blackhead

Blackhead can be difficult to remove completely. You might squeeze and prod without being able to get the blackheads out. This might cause skin irritation and get infected by bacteria inside the blemish leading to more serious situations such as cysts or nodules.



4. Causes more blackhead

Bacteria is embedded within the blackhead and when you expel the blackhead it also releases bacteria that can affect the surrounding pores. Even if you manage to remove the blackhead, you might cause more to form by squeezing it inappropriately. Attempting to extract a blackhead will cause the infection of additional bacteria.  



5. Pores might  get larger

Same theory as causing more blackheads, picking blackheads can cause an even larger pore as the bacteria spreads into a wider area. 



In conclusion, removing or squeezing a blackhead without any professional tools, knowledge, and skills will only bring bad circumstances to your skin or your face. It is important to have an appropriate tool to help you with a harmless blackhead removal process. 

JOYLEE®️ Nose Cleaner Version 3 with Additional Blackhead Beauty Function

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