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6 Tips for Mothers to Practice Self-care

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Posted on May 26 2018


The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness. When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children.

Even if being a mother is not listed as any occupation, it is still undeniably a full-time job. Moreover, this full-time job will not be punching card in and out on time, it's a 24/7 workload, and just as you could imagine, the burnout can be real.

Knowing that the workload is extremely heavy, many moms will still feel guilty when they take time for themselves. You might wonder how is it possible to take a proper time off for yourself, with the never-ending demands from your children and your family. Yet, just like what the flight attendants will say to us, we have to take care of ourselves before we can help others. Hence, self-care is definitely something that mothers must practice in their daily life, not only for their family, but also more importantly for they themselves to lead a better life.

Here are some tips that Joykids find helpful for mothers to practice self care. Hopefully the sharing here can give mothers the idea that self-care is as simple as ABC and should be the first priority for yourself.


Allow yourself for some indulgences

Are you pushing yourself too hard? When is the last time you be good to yourself? If you realize you feel burnt out, try rewarding yourself with things that you love. If you are a movie lover, go for a movie date with friends. If you love music, go to the concert of your favourite singer. If you like desserts, indulge yourself in some nice cafes. If you're on a tight budget, certain activities like spa days are just impossible. No worries on that, there are still many things you can do that we suggest below, just remember to find the way that best suites you, so that you can enjoy - because you like anyone else, deserve a break.


Getting sufficient rest

You know you're a mom when sleeping in until 8 a.m. feels as magical as riding out of your bedroom on a unicorn. There are so much chores to be done even before the day starts. Hence, always squeeze out some time to take a nap. If taking a nap is challenging for your schedule, try squeezing them in while the kids are away or your baby is asleep. Do not feel obsessed over the restlessness or guilt. Another fact to convince you for a nap, is that napping is proven to enhance our declarative memory, or our ability to recall facts, which is essential for hardworking mothers like you.


Going for a walk

Sometimes you just need to detach a little bit from your busy schedule. It could be suffocating to stay in the office 24/7, so as staying indoor at home. Going out for a walk can help you to clear your mind and give you some moments of peace and serenity. What's more, it helps to boost your vitamin D, blood circulation, oxygen supply and the "happy" hormones in your body, making you feel elevated! If your children require full attention from you making it difficult for you to go out alone, just bring them along outdoor around your neighborhood or parks. It will turn out to be great bonding moments for you and your children as well!


Working out or practicing relaxation techniques

To feel good, you need to work out, as simple as that. Be it vigorous exercise like working out in the gym or doing Zumba dances, or having some mindfulness relaxation techniques such as meditation or yoga, we all need some practice to nourish our mind and body emotionally and spiritually. Plus being a mother, you have to constantly react to situations and deal with the demands of your family, which is why you need to find a way to relieve your stress and calm your monkey mind.


Having a good read

Reading is another source of self-care for the happiness and sense of fulfillment it brings to you. Cliche as it sounds, you can't buy happiness but you can buy books and that's kind of the same thing. You might think that reading is not your thing and you are not a good reader, that is because you have yet to find the book that intrigues you. So, find a book that interests you, that frees your mind and let you go wild into the imaginary world. One tips here for you to find your-type-of-books, is to sense it right from the first page. If reading the first page does not excite you, then move on to another book. A good book to you, is the book that drifts your mind away and absorbs you into it. Start exploring the fun of it and you will enjoy it!


Writing a journal

Not only for mothers, but it applies to everyone at any stage of their life. Many people have underestimated the power of writing a journal. Besides jotting down the memories and happenings of your day, writing a journal prompts you to stop and reflect. With proper reflection, it comes self growth and gratitude. What can be more rewarding for a mother, to be the wise supermum that consistently grow herself and able to provide more love and joy to your family? A simple trick to kickstart this self-care habit, is to start small. You can start by writing down a line each day consistently in your journal. If you think you are more of a digital person, there are plenty of apps available as well to help you in journaling in a simple and easy way. 


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