How to know your baby is happy

Joyful Parenting 101: How to know your baby is happy

Joyful Parenting 101: How to know your baby is happy

Being parents, the happiness of children means a world to you. Yet, if you are new parents, you will probably wonder how to tell if a baby is happy. At this stage where communication is limited, happiness is more than smiling and laughing. Have no worries, let’s unravel the mystery of the baby’s Happyland together.

Newborn: Peaceful look from your babies

As you know for newborn babies, they do not have much reactions, the only reactions are cry or not crying. To know if your baby is happy is easy, check if your baby is having a blank, drowsy stare, or so-called peaceful look from them. Not much effort is needed to make them go into this happy state, all you have to do is just being present. The sight of your face and the sound of your voice give a soothing feeling to your newborn babies.

0 to 3 months: Comfortable feeling of your babies

This is the stage that they are still learning how to communicate with the world. At this stage, comfort is equals to happiness. When you meet their basic needs, your babies will feel secured and comfortable, that’s their happy sign. Therefore, focus on their physical needs, by responding to their cries, feeding them on time, changing the diapers regularly, and lulling them to sleep. For example, one of the body languages that shows them happy is your baby falls comfortably into your hug and does not arch his back.

1 to 3 months: Smiles from your babies

Unlike the previous stage that focus on the comfort and physical needs, this is the stage that your babies start to be conscious and reactive towards actions from the surrounding. You will start to notice babies tend to smile in direct reaction to something someone has done with them.

3 to 6 months: Laughters from your babies

This is the stage that you will start to hear the laughters from your babies, not only smiles. To keep the happy babies in the loops of laughter, have more quality bonding time with them. Play with them, make silly noises and funny touches, all this bonding time will help you to figure out the tips and tricks to make your babies laugh.

4 to 7 months: Babbling pitch of your babies

At this stage, babies will start to make information out of their “speech”, and hence to know if they are happy, you would want to pay more attention to the babbling of your babies. If they babble in a higher and higher pitch, it indicates that they are interested in something or they are happy interacting with you.

12 to 18 months: Comedy time from your kids

Research shows that kids doing silly things with objects, is a sign of their happiness. From around 1 year onwards, when kids start to acquire a sense of humor, you will notice they will do anything to make you laugh. Ridiculous acts like putting a diaper on their head or talking with their toys will be cracking you and themselves up, and that’s the sign of happiness from your kids.

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