Joyful Parenting 101: How to Make Babies Laugh

Joyful Parenting 101: How to Make Babies Laugh

Joyful Parenting 101: How to Make Babies Laugh

The most beautiful thing in the world is to see your children smiling. The next best thing is to know that you are the reason behind that smile.

Everyone loves a happy baby. To every parent out there, bringing laughters to your baby is perhaps the most wonderful thing you can do. Yet, have you ever wondered how to make your babies burst into laughters? If you do, you’re not alone in this. Here are some tips from Joykids to make that magical, contagious laughters of your babies happen easily!


1. Making strange sounds

Many parents find making unusual and strange sounds easily inspires baby to giggle. Be it changing your voice to higher pitch and lower pitch, or slurping really loud, or talking in funny ways, all these unusual noises make your little ones laugh hysterically.


2. Interacting with animals

To babies, animals are amusing with their movements, furry coats and strange noises. Seeing them yawn, having them licking at their face, or touching their furs, all these little interactions with the animals bring happiness to your little ones. No worries if you don’t have pets at home, bring your babies to zoo or aquarium!


3. Playing with older children

Children have the natural tendency to bring out laughters among each other. Having older children playing around, is another hilarious thing to your little ones. The best part is, you don’t have to tell the older children what to do to make your babies laugh, they will have their own ways - singing weirdly, dancing silly, playing crazily, or even throwing things around.


4. Tickling your babies

Physical touch gets your baby laughing easily, especially by gently tickling your baby’s feet, chin, armpits or inner thighs, or giving them feet massage. Some babies are extremely ticklish, find out what is their tickling spot can be rewarding to you whenever you need baby’s laughters to light up your day!


5. Playing peek-a-boo

Your little ones will enjoy it very much when you play peek-a-boo with them. Simply hiding your face and popping out in front of them, drives them into crazy giggles. One of the tips that parents find useful, is to play peek-a-boo with brightly colored blanket. Experiment it in whatever ways you could, to evoke the laughters in your little ones!


6. Making funny faces

This is perhaps the most common way that all parents resonate to. All kinds of funny faces chuckle your little ones. Make silly faces or twisted facial expressions, and check if that’s the laughing point for your little ones. Some babies find it extremely hilarious seeing people sneezing, what about yours?



7. Blowing against their skin

Similar to tickling your babies, blowing against their skin is another form of physical touch that makes them laugh. Try blowing on their tummy or the soles of their feet, those spots will easily burst your little ones into laughters.



8. Chasing game with them

If your little ones start to crawl, one way to make them laugh is to chase around with them on the floor. Don’t be concerned if you look silly. Making a fool out of yourself sometimes is the best parenthood moment you will experience with your little ones.





9. Pretend biting them

Another tips is to pretend “biting” their fingers or “eating” their toes. Babies will just squeal and laugh over it. Again, experiment in whatever way that’s comfortable for the babies, and most importantly appropriate! We don’t want you to “bite” at their sensitive body parts even if your intention is a good one!



10. Laughters from you

As of human nature, we laugh when we see others laugh. Happiness is contagious, so as laughters. Perhaps the best way to make your babies laugh, is to laugh together with them, and experiencing the joy growing up with them. Those moments are the most precious moments you could have with your little ones, so indulge yourself in it as much as possible!

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