Japanese Spa Bath Sponge (For kid & adult)

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Joylee Japanese Spa Bath

Thoughtfully designed for baby use, the material used is soft and gentle to baby skin, making it suitable even for adults with sensitive skin.

Why do babies need to use the Joylee Japanese Spa Bath?
ᴗ Gentle Exfoliation
ᴗ Stimulation and Circulation
ᴗ Soothing and Relaxation

It can provide a relaxing spa-level shower experience for your baby with rich foaming and deep cleansing.

Honeycomb Hollow Design
ᴗ Effectively inhibits bacteria growth.

360-Degree Relaxation
ᴗ Relaxes every inch of your skin.

ᴗ Save 40% on shampoo usage.

Stay tuned for healthy and nourished skin in 7 days with the Joylee Japanese Spa Bath.