[WEEKLY SPECIAL] Ultraviolet Sterilizer Box

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Place your makeup tools & accessories inside the box and enjoy germ-free items

It is always important to keep your hands clean, but it is just as important to keep all these objects clean as well: Smartphones, Earphones, Makeup Brush, Jewelry, Spectacles, Watch, Toys and Money/Coins

360° Fully Automatic UV Sterilization
Eliminates 99.9% bacteria, germs & viruses in just 3 minutes

Aromatic Fragrance
Built-in aroma diffuser for a refreshing scent

Compact & Portable
Easy on the go and you can sterilize anytime, anywhere

Wide Application
Suitable to use for other small items & accessories

 USB Powered
Safely connect the device with a USB cable powered by the external power source

Say goodbye to hidden germs and infectious diseases, eliminate all the bacteria, germs & viruses today!