Disinfectant Alcohol 5 Litre

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JOYLEE®️ Disinfectant Alcohol (5 Litre) 

The 75% pure ethanol disinfectant alcohol provides you a safe environment from infectious germs and viruses.


Kills 99.9% Germs

Eliminate every germ on the target surface with a soft rubbing or wiping.

Hospital Grade 75% Pure Ethanol

A 75% pure ethanol that is suitable for pregnant women and kids more than 1-year-old.

Reduce Risk of Allergic Reaction

Ethanol is an organic compound that could reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

Non-Sticky Formula

Nonsticky formula to avoid uncomfortable texture.

Preservatives Free

Suitable to use on kids’ (more than 1 years old) soft and fragile skin 


Fragrance-free formula to avoid unnecessary chemical substances that are harmful to your skin.