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JOYLEE™ Disinfectant Spray (500ML)

RM39.90 RM223.20


*This product is suitable for  pregnancy and babies above 1 years old

With an extra 250ML, keep your homes extra disinfected, extra germ-free and extra fragrant. Keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy

  • Kills 99.9% germs, bacteria, and virus
  • 75% Ethanol based alcohol
  • Reduce risks of contamination

The JOYLEE™ Disinfectant Spray safeguards your children and pets from all unwanted germs like the recent COVID-19, influenza, ringworms, rabies, etc.

Disinfect your home and smell the refreshing fragrance

  • Living Room
  • Rubbish Bin
  • Children's Toys
  • Handles & Door knobs

    🌸 Keep your homes disinfected, germ-free and smell good 🌸

    ⚠️CAUTION: This product is highly flammable. Please keep away from flames & heat after applying. Allow the liquid to dry completely. 

    Once purchased NON-REFUNDABLE!

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