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JOYLEE™ IPUMP - Intelligent Breast Pump

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The intelligent breast pump that makes breastfeeding hassle-free for you. With the smart features and latest technology, JOYLEE™ Ipump conducts breastfeeding process at its best, from efficient lactation massage, pain-free milk expression, trouble-free milk storage to smart-stopping. Ergonomically designed and thoughtfully engineered, this is the only breast pump you need to feel the joy of breastfeeding!

JOYLEE™ IPUMP - Intelligent Breast Pump is including:-

  • JOYLEE™ Breast Pump
  • JOYLEE™ Milk Breast Cooler Bag
  • JOYLEE™ Classic Series Firming Bra and Firming Brief
  • JOYLEE™ Ice Pack
  • 1 Year Warranty







Breastfeeding journey of Emma

Being a first time mum, it was quite difficult finding time to nourish my baby with my breast-milk and also being able to pump out my milk for him. I wanted to be able to move to do things but I often found that I had to sit still with my breast pump. Sometimes I even fell asleep and  the milk would spill out from the pump, and having to clean and sterilize it was another nightmare. Separating different parts at a time, and then individually cleaning them then sterilizing with hot water is not advised for a sleep deprived mum. 

I often found it hard to pump efficiently as I had to make sure the flannel was positioned accurately on my breast. I also had to increase the suction to try pump out more milk in a short amount of time but often my breast and nipple would become sore. 

I want to find a breast pump that I can pump efficiently and safely, while being able to move freely.

My body has been very sensitive towards discomfort and pain. Hence, I always reject the idea of breast-pumping, for the few experiences I pumped, I found it sore and painful.

I came across this new product - JOYLEE™ Ipump. I was a bit skeptical at first on the pain-free breast-pumping experience, but after learning the features and technology behind the pump, I found that it's quite different with the manual and bulky pump I used before. So I decided to give it a try.

The first experience using JOYLEE™ Ipump was amazing! I never thought that breast-pumping can be that simple and comfortable. I don't feel any pressing force. Thanks to the thoughtful designs of silicone petal-like breast shields and customizable pumping patterns, I can pump and express my milk comfortably.


The first experience using JOYLEE™ Ipump was amazing! I never thought that breast-pumping can be that simple and comfortable. I don't feel any pressing force. Thanks to the thoughtful designs of silicone petal-like breast shields and customizable pumping patterns, I can pump and express my milk comfortably.

Sometimes, I even fell asleep during the pumping session. Never have I thought that breast-pumping can be such a joyful experience.

 Best part of all, I'm glad that I can finally breastfeed my baby. What I can say is, I started to love breast-pumping more and more each day!

I was told that breastfeeding is the best option for both mother and baby, but each session of breastfeeding always frustrates me. My body produces very little milk, despite of many ways that I've tried. Definitely those milk is not enough for my baby.

The lactation massage mode of JOYLEE™ Ipump has helped me through this. With my milk production being stimulated, the milk expression comes way easier. I can finally produce more milk in less time, what a surprise!

The funny thing is, each time I take out JOYLEE™ Ipump, my baby seems happy, probably he knows that the feeding session is happening soon. Having JOYLEE™ Ipump and the PPSU milk bottle really give me a great sense of relief for breastfeeding, I love JOYLEE™!


1. Why name JOYLEE Ipump?

Our product name - JOYLEE™ Ipump, is derived from the abbreviation of "Intelligent pump". As the name depicts, JOYLEE™ Ipump integrates the latest breast-pumping technology in breast-pumping process. With this modern solution, JOYLEE™ Ipump benefits all mothers by making breast pumping experience into a joyful one.


2. What is the difference between JOYLEE Ipump with others brand?

Different with other brands which are still mainly focusing on manual or less efficient pumping, JOYLEE™ Ipump has taken steps further by integrating latest technology to tailor your most personalized breast pumping experience. The 12 Voltage operating system gives an outstanding suction compared with the usual 8 Voltage device. All that you need is to sit back and relax, JOYLEE™ Ipump let you express more milk in less time without any discomfort.


3. What is the special feature of JOYLEE Ipump?

The two main winning aspects of JOYLEE™ Ipump - comfort and effect, are made possible due to the modern technology with 108 pumping patterns and the ergonomic breast shields with petal-like massaging design.


4. Why do I choose JOYLEE Ipump?

For all mothers who are preparing for breastfeeding, choosing JOYLEE™ Ipump effortlessly prepares you for a hassle-free breast pumping experience, which let you be your own professional lactational masseuse at anytime, anywhere.


5. How to use the JOYLEE Ipump?

Please refer to this instructional video to assemble the parts of JOYLEE™ Ipump in full set and explanation on how to use JOYLEE™ Ipump. For best results, combine stimulation massaging mode with milk expression mode to express breast milk easier and avoid engorgement. 


6. How to clean the tube after using breast-pump?

Tubing should be washed if stained or milk is present. Kindly wash the tubing in warm soapy water. Then rinse the tubing with clear water. Simply hang the tubing to air dry after cleaning.


7. Does this JOYLEE Ipump work with power supply or battery?

JOYLEE™ Ipump operates with long lasting and rechargeable lithium battery. Each charging of 2 hours can last for about 100 minutes, which is equivalent for 3 breast pumping sessions that are needed throughout a day.


8. Does JOYLEE Ipump will provide charger?

Yes. The charging port is in-built in the device. Kindly charge the device with the provided power cable. If you notice missing parts, please contact our customer service team to work it out.


9. How loud is this device?

Designed with quiet suction, JOYLEE™ Ipump operates in silence. With that, we assure you peace of mind to breastpump without disturbing others or your baby from sleeping.


10. Is it a powerful suction?

JOYLEE™ Ipump is engineered with 108 suction patterns, to give you a perfect customization of comfort and effect from mild suction to powerful suction. Have no worries, the strongest suction can pump at highest frequency without causing any discomfort.


11. Does the suction will affect our breast feel painful?

Breast pumping should never be painful. Always choose the pumping pattern and suction strength within your tolerance level without any discomfort. If you notice sharp pain, kindly reduce the suction strength and properly set up your breast shield in perfect alignment.


12. When the product will arrive?

We estimate the product to be delivered out within 45 days


13. Why do I need to wait for so long?

Depending on the demands, there might be slight difference on the expected delivery date, which could be to earlier or later delivery. For pre-order products, the duration is longer up to about 45 days due to the nature of pre-order model. For all delivery that has exceeded our expected date, we will keep you informed on your order status.


14. How do I place an order?

Order can be placed directly on our website via our payment gateway. If you wish to purchase manually via bank transfer, kindly contact our customer service team at our Facebook page or at


15. Warranty

At JOYLEE™, we warrant our products to be free from defects in material and workmanship existing at the time of manufacture for a period of 6 months from the date of e-warranty registration within 7 days upon purchase. If such a defect is discovered during the limited warranty period, we will, at our sole option, repair or replace your product at no cost to you.


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