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Joylee Olber Series - Traveller Backpack

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We were founded on the belief that growing up a child shouldn’t break the family bank. Our goal is to change the way you think about growing up a child by delivering premium products at radically fair prices.


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Life as a parent is hectic, so we took the stress out of picking the perfect diaper bag.

With our new Joylee Olber Series - Traveller Backpack, we thought of everything, so you don’t have to.

Equipping your childcare journey with this revolutionary new kind of diaper bag at radically fair prices allows you and your babies travel in joy. 





The ideal bag that meets every mummy's needs

Mummies from all walks of life have one common challenge - the hassles to travel with their kids. So many things to pack, so inconvenient to take, so heavy to carry... what if there is one magical solution that tackles all these problems when travelling with your little one? Let JOYLEE reveal you the secret.


Transfer bag from bulky to spacious

Look at how mummy Christine transform her travelling experience from a bulky and heavy bag to a light-weight and well-organized stylish traveller backpack! Still travelling with same number of items, but now, she travels at all ease!


Revolutionary premium bag at fair price

We've heard what 1000 mummies want, and here is what they asked for - a dream bag at fair price! No matter it's being used as diaper bag, mummy bag or just backpack, JOYLEE Olber Series Traveller Backpack makes your most ideal travelling companion.


Never leave anything behind

Mummy Cathy used to only bring only selected items because she has very limited space in her bag. She wants a bag that allows her to pack all she needs for herself and her baby, without messing up her bag. Let's see how JOYLEE has all the space and features she dream of! 


No more handful moments with bag and baby

Mummy Bernice has a son that wants to be carried all the time, not to be strolled, or to be put in any carrier. How can Mummy Bernice feel convenient when she has to carry her baby and a bulky bag at the same time? Let JOYLEE reveal the magical moment for Mummy Bernice.


Have mummy's spine fully covered

Mummy Cheery is currently pregnant, back pain is always a problem to her. What makes it worse is to carry a heavy school bag when she's going out with her baby. If there is any bag that is light-weight and protects her spine, she will definitely wants it! But is such bag possible?


Insulated pockets that replace thermos

Mummy Christine hates to bring thermos flask and milk bottle to feed her baby because it makes her bag too heavy. She dreams of a bag that has insulation feature, which allows her to keep the bottles and snacks at desired temperature for long period of time. Is that even possible?


Magical diaper compartment in the bag

Mummy Effa finds it very disgusting to keep dirty clothes and diapers together with her clean clothes. She has no choice but to bring multiple bags with her during outing. What if there is a bag that gives her the magical compartments to keep dirty clothes without staining other parts?


A well-organized bag makes mummy happy

Mummy Liz likes things to be well-organized and tidy, but that seems impossible when you have baby with you. So many things to pack, and so much time wasted to dig things out inside the bag. If she has one wish, that will be a diaper bag that let her organize everything the way she wants!


Travel anywhere with attachable stroller clips

Mummy Steffenie likes to travel, and she wants her baby to be part of the joy of travelling too. Yet, she faces challenges to carry a heavy bag over her shoulders, which eventually make her spine feel tired... is there any possible way for her to travel at ease with her baby?



We were founded on the belief that growing up a child shouldn’t break the family bank.

Our goal is to change the way you think about growing up a child by delivering PREMIUM PRODUCTS AT RADICALLY FAIR PRICE!


The idea of this innovative and fashionable diaper bag began as we conducted a childcare survey with 1,000 parents.

Based on the result, we realize that most frustrations are rooted back to one leading cause ╳ a diaper bag that does not meet all childcare needs ╳


Taking these suggestions into consideration, we plunged into rounds of research, discussion and prototyping to design the perfect bag that contains all the desired features.

With progressive improvements, Joylee Olber Series - Traveller Backpack has ultimately evolved into a modern, sophisticated and stylish bag that suits everybody at any occasion!


We are both proud and delighted to share news of our JOYLEE Olber Series - Traveller Backpack is launched for a period from 3rd Dec 2018 to 9th Dec 2018.

Equipping your childcare journey with this revolutionary new kind of diaper bag at radically fair prices allows you and your babies travel in joy. 

We hope you will join our journey!



1. What makes Joylee Olber Series - Traveller Backpack so unique?

The ‘Joyin Shield’ - coated with 100% superlative nylon, shields every item in Joylee Olber Series against moisture, dirts and stains from the external, making it possible for you to enjoy carefree moments as any nasty battle scars or stains can be easily wiped off to stay clean.

Stay organize and keep things handy with the specially-constructed pockets and compartments at strategic position. From the front packets, to the side pockets, hidden pocket and slip pockets, you get to pack everything orderly without compromising any of your conveniences.

With all these features, Joylee Olber Series makes the spacious, smart and perfect travel companion along with your children.


2. Is Joylee Olber Series - Traveller Backpack suitable for parents with baby only?

As your little ones grow, Joylee Olber Series - Traveller Backpack can readily transform from a diaper bag into a bag used for toddlers, children or even you yourself, simply because the handy and thoughtful designs make it ideal for both toddlers’ and adults' goods.


3. Who designs Joylee Olber Series - Traveller Backpack ?

Taking 1,000 parents suggestions into consideration, our team plunged into rounds of research, discussion and prototyping to design the perfect bag that contains all the desired features.

With progressive improvements, Joylee Olber Series - Traveller Backpack has ultimately evolved into a modern, sophisticated and stylish bag that suits everybody at any occasion!


4. Why name it Joylee “Olber”?

Joylee Olber opens up the space of infinite and eternal joy on your motherhood journey. Fusing the trendiness of timeless Classic Black design with the holistic needs of childcare, Joylee Olber is the everlasting dream bag that every mummy fantasize on.

With Joylee Olber Series, we want you to unveil the orderliness side of motherhood with this modest, spacious and highly functional bag of all time.


5. Is it worth the wait?

Joylee offers their bag with price beginning at merely RM168—and if you’ve ever been shopping for bags, you’d know that in itself is a rarity.

Any other high-quality bag could easily cost you RM400 or even more.
With the same price, we've got your other items covered; whereby you can have a comprehensive set that comes with flask, diaper mat, stroller strap and even a brush for cleaning the flask. We operate on a 100% e-commerce, with pre-order model on this product. This allows us to remove the middlemen and unnecessary inventory costs, enabling us to bring real value and fair prices to our customers.


6. What items can I purchase in bundled with Joylee Olber Traveller?

Besides Joylee Olber Traveller, we also clearly understand what every mummy needs in taking care of their children. With this, we will be launching Joylee Ultra Light Flask, Joylee Stroller Strap, Joylee Portable Baby Changing Pad and Joylee Multi-Use Brush to fulfill mummies’ childcare necessity.

The whole set of the Joylee series needs only RM258 (which includes Joylee Ultra Light Flask, Joylee Stroller Strap, Joylee Portable Baby Changing Pad and Joylee Multi-Use Brush).

With all these essential tools solving mummies’ childcare hassles, only then the sweetest memories are made possible between mummies and babies.


7. When is the shipment date?

We will be launching on the first pre-order on Dec 3rd, 2018. The first batch of orders will be fulfilled by mid of December.

Please find the timeline as stated below:

• 3rd Dec : Pre-order launching
• Mid of Dec : Logistics & production starts
• Mid of Jan : Production completes & Quality Check begins
• Early of Feb : Product arrival at warehouse & Packaging begins
• Mid of Feb : Shipping begins to customers

We understand you would want to get the product at soonest possible, hence we are estimating the product to be delivered to customer by early of February 2019.


8. How to purchase?

  1. Head over to our website at  
  2. Choose your quantity.
  3. Click add to cart and check out. (Look for the cart icon on the top right corner of your screen)
  4. Key in your contact information. (the one which you use to subscribe to our newsletter)
  5. Enter your preferred delivery address.
  6. Select "Continue to Payment method'.
  7. Select on “Complete Order” at the end of the page.


9. Is there any warranty ?

To reassure that you feel confident and secure when purchasing with us, we offer you the terms stated below at no additional charge.

A 180-day (that means 6 months!) warranty on our Joylee Olber Series - Traveller Backpack. This product is covered over 6 months from the DELIVERED DATE. This warranty is not valid on items that are designated as ‘Fair or Inoperable’ condition. If your product is damaged due to normal use, please contact our customer service department so that we can assist you. We will repair or replace your product at our discretion.

In some situations, we may choose to refund the full purchase price of an item. This warranty does not cover intentional or accidental abuse or neglect. There is no express or implied warranty beyond what is stated.


10.Need more help?

Email us at or direct message to our official Facebook page.


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