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JOYLEE™ Portable Baby Changing Pad


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This JOYLEE Portable Baby Changing Pad is essential for every new and expecting parent. You will love the convenient design and unique quality of the pad.

It protect your baby or toddler from dirty, germy surfaces for as long as they're in diapers. Your baby's smile will thank you!

Main Features:

  • Lightweight and compact when folded so you can change your baby’s diaper anywhere
  • Constructed with BPA-free, non-toxic high-quality PEVA vinyl interior
  • Waterproof and easy to clean for great hygiene, and it is also very durable
  • Built-in head cushion that is 2x thicker (2.5cm) than most other portable baby mats
  • Pillow is extremely soft and provides maximum comfort


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Wondering how to give the best protection to your baby in public areas? Still finding it reluctant to change diapers outdoor?

Rest assured, with JOYLEE™ Portable Baby Changing Pad, you can shield your baby against any surface while changing diapers.

Change diaper outdoor in 1 minute

Oops, little babe made a poopie again! How to change the diaper without any washroom or baby changing station?

Tadaa! Just set up my own baby changing station with JOYLEE Olber Series - Traveller Backpack!
ᴗ Handy design to reach wet wipes and diapers
ᴗ Thoughtful compartment with insulation to keep dirty diapers
ᴗ Portable changing mat keeps my lovely babe clean from any surface

Bye-bye messy poopie! Babe, let's continue our outing!



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