Moments are made ethernal with memories. Welcome to our video gallery of JOY. Here we have collected moments, memories and sharing from our JOYKIDS Community in the form of video clips, with the greatest hope that through watching these clips, it will be able to spread some happiness to you. Be it videos of our products, sharing from parents or memories from our event, feel free to explore our gallery to find the content that interests you the most.


JOYLEE™ Ipump - integrated with smart features and latest technology, this intelligent breast pump handles everything for you from lactation massage, milk expression, milk storage to smart-stopping.


Mummies from all walks of life have one common challenge - the hassles to travel with their kids. So many things to pack, so inconvenient to take, so heavy to carry... what if there is one magical solution that tackles all these problems when travelling with your little one? Let JOYLEE reveal you the secret.

We've heard what 1000 mummies want, and here is what they asked for - a dream bag at fair price! No matter it's being used as diaper bag, mummy bag or just backpack, JOYLEE Olber Series Traveller Backpack makes your most ideal travelling companion.

Mummy Bernice has a son that wants to be carried all the time, not to be strolled, or to be put in any carrier. How can Mummy Bernice feel convenient when she has to carry her baby and a bulky bag at the same time? Let JOYLEE reveal the magical moment for Mummy Bernice.

Mummy Christine hates to bring thermos flask and milk bottle to feed her baby because it makes her bag too heavy. She dreams of a bag that has insulation feature, which allows her to keep the bottles and snacks at desired temperature for long period of time. Is that even possible?

Mummy Liz likes things to be well-organized and tidy, but that seems impossible when you have baby with you. So many things to pack, and so much time wasted to dig things out inside the bag. If she has one wish, that will be a diaper bag that let her organize everything the way she wants!

Let 【Mummy Liz】 show you the convenience of this premium Olber bag by keeping these stuffs at the strategic position compartments!
From the front pockets to the side pockets, hidden pocket and slip pockets, you get to pack everything in order without compromising any of your convenience.
With all these features, 🎒Joylee Olber Backpack makes the spacious, smart and perfect travel companion along with your children~

Look at how mummy Christine transform her travelling experience from a bulky and heavy bag to a light-weight and well-organized stylish traveller backpack! Still travelling with same number of items, but now, she travels at all ease!

Mummy Cathy used to only bring only selected items because she has very limited space in her bag. She wants a bag that allows her to pack all she needs for herself and her baby, without messing up her bag. Let's see how JOYLEE has all the space and features she dream of!  

Mummy Cheery is currently pregnant, back pain is always a problem to her. What makes it worse is to carry a heavy school bag when she's going out with her baby. If there is any bag that is light-weight and protects her spine, she will definitely wants it! But is such bag possible?

Mummy Effa finds it very disgusting to keep dirty clothes and diapers together with her clean clothes. She has no choice but to bring multiple bags with her during outing. What if there is a bag that gives her the magical compartments to keep dirty clothes without staining other parts?

Mummy Steffenie likes to travel, and she wants her baby to be part of the joy of travelling too. Yet, she faces challenges to carry a heavy bag over her shoulders, which eventually make her spine feel tired... is there any possible way for her to travel at ease with her baby?

Family outing is often quite an ordeal, especially when you have so many things to prepare and so many "unexpected" situations to cope with.. This time, let Mummy Shinee show you the tips to travel with joy!
• JOYLEE™ Olber Series - Traveller Backpack
• JOYLEE™ Ultra Light Flask
• JOYLEE™ Portable Baby Changing Pad
• JOYLEE™ Multi-use Sponge Brush


If this your first time knowing about JOYKIDS Nose Cleaner, then this video is the best demonstration on how to operate on the device!

Ewhh and Wow! Look at how Mummy Louisa suctions out the mucus from her little girl's nose using JOYKIDS Nose Cleaner.

How does it feel like to have the first experience using JOYKIDS Nose Cleaner? Let Mummy Shyra and her family show it to you in this video!

Watch how Mummy Sapphire Wong get hands on with JOYKIDS Nose Cleaner and Nail Trimmer. Stuffy nose and scratchy nails? Say Bye-bye to both of them!

Being an experienced mum, Mummy Jacqualine knows the pain of childcare when her children caught flu! Listen to how she deals with it easily and effortlessly.

Meet our new mother Agnes and her lovely baby Aiden! Everything is so joyful... until the nightmare of childcare arrives!!


Trimming baby's nails can be scary, but with JOYKIDS Electric Nail Trimmer, it takes off the worries and concerns from your shoulders. See how Mummy Wanlin do it with her baby!

If you ever wonder how safe JOYKIDS Electric Nail Trimmer is, this is a video that you must watch! Look at how peaceful the baby sleeps when Mummy Shyra trims her nails!

Look at how Mummy Ee Huang enjoy professional manicure at home with her little one. Simple and easy to operate, relax all the way!

Find it difficult to trim your baby's nails? No idea how to do it in a proper way? Time to have professional care for your baby nails right at your home! Watch and learn it now!

Watch how Mummy Sapphire Wong get hands on with JOYKIDS Nose Cleaner and Nail Trimmer. Stuffy nose and scratchy nails? Say Bye-bye to both of them!

Meet our new mother Agnes and her lovely baby Aiden! Everything is so joyful... until the nightmare of childcare arrives!!


What are the perks of having a good bra? And why do you need to get one? Listen to what this Mummy shares about JOYKIDS Classic Firming Bra and you will know why.

How to best prepare yourself for motherhood? Start by getting yourself the ideal lingerie and motherhood guidebook!


Being parents is not easy, taking care of children is not easy. Yet, you are not alone in this. With us from JOYKIDS, let's make things easier and grow up with joy together!

Mothers sacrifice their time and effort in taking care of the family and raising up the children. Hence on this Mother's Day, we want to surprise them with joy!

Double the celebration, double the joy! Let's see what level of joy Mummy Shyra and her family experience when we surprise them after her childbirth and before Hari Raya.