Moments are made eternal with memories. Welcome to our video gallery of JOY. Here we have collected moments, memories and sharing from our JOYLEE ® Community in the form of video clips, with the greatest hope that through watching these clips, it will be able to spread some happiness to you. Be it videos of our products, sharing from parents or memories from our event, feel free to explore our gallery to find the content that interests you the most.

JOYLEE ® Nail Trimmer

As parents, we all want what’s best for our children and make sure there are no problems in terms of hygiene and overall well-being. So get your JOYLEE® Nail Trimmer for your loved ones today.

JOYLEE ® Nose Cleaner

Protect your baby from accidental scratches by keeping nails smooth.

JOYLEE ® Joy Duo

JOYDUO is specifically designed to take care of the most precious and vulnerable skins.Formulated with more than 21 premium plant ingredients, it includes products for the different stages of your baby's bathing routine – the head and body wash gently cleanse, while the moisturizing lotion nourish, soothe and protect baby's skin.It's the perfect gift for new parents

JOYLEE ® Medical Pro Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

JOYLEE® Medical Pro Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is now presented to you for better quality and features. This noninvasive device will check your blood oxygen saturation level more effectively. Do not take it lightly even you have completed your Covid-19 vaccination. Let’s reduce the risk of Covid-19 with this better quality pulse oximeter. As
Covid-19 cases rise significantly, it is our duty to take the responsibility to take care and protect each other, especially the little ones who need special attention and extra care. Therefore, JOYLEE would like to take a further step to provide extra protection to all families. Ideal for children above 10 years old and adults, including pregnant woman.

JOYLEE ® Noel High Waist Slimming Brief

Ladies, the JOYLEE®️ Noel High Waist Slimming Brief can provide you an instant slimming effect. The moment you slide it on, you will immediately notice a flatter tummy and waist. It will also tighten your bottom, make your hips look bigger, sexier, and more beautiful.


Being parents is not easy, taking care of children is not easy. Yet, you are not alone in this. With us from JOYKIDS, let's make things easier and grow up with joy together!

Mothers sacrifice their time and effort in taking care of the family and raising up the children. Hence on this Mother's Day, we want to surprise them with joy!

Double the celebration, double the joy! Let's see what level of joy Mummy Shyra and her family experience when we surprise them after her childbirth and before Hari Raya.

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