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JOYLEE™ Bundled Blessings

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With this joyful bundle, you'll get the JOYLEE Nose Cleaner and JOYLEE Nail Trimmers, as well as free delivery within Malaysia. All for the price of RM288!

Make your parenting experience a blissful one, while stocks last!

1 piece Nose Cleaner RM 288
 2 pieces with Friends RM 249 for each


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A Care Kit To Love

JOYLEE Bundled Blessings Gift Set is the perfect starter pack for those beginning their adventure in nurturing their newborns. It’s also great for those who want to purchase both the JOYLEE Nose Cleaner and JOYLEE Nail Trimmers at the same time!

In the Bundled Blessings, you will get a full JOYLEE Nose Cleaner to clear baby’s blocked nose, and a full JOYLEE Nail Trimmers to painlessly trim baby’s finger and toe nails. Your daily care routine just got so much easier!


Gift Set Includes:

  • JOYLEE Nose Cleaner
  • JOYLEE Nail Trimmer


JOYLEE 双福配套绝对是一个在培养新生儿的旅途中的新手爸妈的完美入门套装。对于那些想要同时购买JOYLEE 吸鼻器及JOYLEE 磨甲器的人来说,这也是一个很棒的优惠哦!

在双福配套中,您将会得到一套完整的JOYLEE 吸鼻器,以便解决宝宝鼻塞的问题;以及一套完整的JOYLEE 磨甲器,使宝宝能在完全无痛的状况下修建宝宝的手指及脚趾甲。您宝宝的日常护理程序从此就会变得如此简单!






Babies and children have narrower nasal passages compared to adults, which lead to occasional stuffiness. Unable to expel the mucus buildup themselves, your little ones may have difficulty breathing or fall sick easily. JOYLEE Nose Cleaner solves this by siphoning mucus out of your child’s nostrils. Within minutes, they will be able to breathe better and resume feeding or sleeping in peace.

JOYLEE Nose Cleaner’s efficiency and reusability makes it a joy to use compared to other traditional methods of mucus control. Just turn it on, apply to baby’s nostrils, and you’ll both be enjoying cuddle time together!

Professional Care Anytime, Anywhere!

JOYLEE Nose Cleaner utilizes a pump motor that is efficiently siphons mucus and clear blocked nasal passages. It comes with built-in speaker and music to soothe your little one in times of discomfort. The aspirator is also completely portable- just pop in two AA alkaline batteries and it’s ready for immediate use!

JOYLEE Nose Cleaner puts comfort and safety first. Choose between two different-sized nozzles, both made of soft BPA free silicone for the best fit! Its waterproof construction also eliminates electronic failures when in use, and makes cleaning the device a breeze. 


Your baby may scratch themselves accidentally when sleeping, playing or learning to grasp things. Making them wear mittens can be uncomfortable in the long run, so it’s vital that you ensure their fingernails are kept short and smooth to avoid such accidents. With JOYLEE Nail Trimmer, snags and scratches will be a thing of the past! 

Safety On-The-Go

JOYLEE Nail Trimmer is lightweight and compact, making it easy for you to use it anytime, anywhere! It operates using two AA batteries and can be used single-handedly thanks to its one-button operation.

Simply attach your chosen nail file, turn it on, and use the LED front light to guide you as you softly grind away excess nail length. With its whisper-quiet motor, you never have to worry about waking your little one with loud motor noises.

Each battery-powered nail file kit comes with 6 different sanding/buffing pads; 3 for children and 3 for adults. The multipurpose nail trimmer polishes nails in seconds using effective grinding heads and sandpaper that's soft on cuticles and nail beds.

Best of all? The JOYLEE Nail Trimmer is safe for children of all ages and adults! 

Best of all? The JOYLEE Nail Trimmer is safe for children of all ages and adults! 


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