Pro Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

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As Covid-19 cases rise significantly, it is our duty to take the responsibility to take care and protect each other, especially the little ones who need special attention and extra care. Therefore, JOYLEE would like to take a further step to provide extra protection to all families. JOYLEE® Pro Fingertips Pulse Oximeter is a clip-on device that enables you to check on your body performance instantly. Ideal for children above 3 years old and adults, including pregnant woman.

    This powerful item can: 

    • detect the pulse rate
    • test out the blood oxygen saturation level
    • check on Perfusion Index (PI)
    • detect the respiratory rate

    The uses and benefits of JOYLEE® Pro Fingertips Pulse Oximeter:

    • To check the overall body health performance
    • To ensure our body is at the correct oxygen saturation level (95% and above)
    • As an indication tool in checking any Covid-19 infection
    • To check the effectiveness of breathing functionality
    • To give you an alert if your body is carrying low oxygen saturation rate on time

    Available for One Year Warranty. 

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    Your favourite training gadget A small but powerful device that can give you a snapshort of your body ability's to process oxygen and respiratory rate after working out. 
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