JOYCARE Charity Campaign #2: Kechara Soup Kitchen 

JOYCARE Charity Campaign #2: Kechara Soup Kitchen 

JOYCARE Charity Campaign #2: Kechara Soup Kitchen 

This month, JOYLEE continues their JOYCARE journey to Kechara Soup Kitchen. 

Kechara Soup Kitchen serves for over 13 years and continues despite the pandemic 

Kechara Soup Kitchen was founded in the year 2008, under the provision of current president, Henry Ooi. Together Henry and his team are dedicated to provide food, basic medical services and welfare aid to the homeless and urban poor populations of Malaysia. 

Along their journey in serving the underprivileged, this non-profit organization has received numerous local awards such as Malaysian NGO Award, Europa Sustainability Award and even been appointed as a partner by the Ministry of Federal Territory. Until today, they continues to provide other services as well such as job placement and shelter for the homeless. They strive to reduce homelessness, hunger, poverty, food wastage and work towards a better quality of life for the underprivileged in Malaysia. (

Kechara Soup Kitchen provides aid in 3 different entities; Soup Kitchen, Food Banks and Empowerment. 

1. Soup Kitchen 

Soup Kitchen carries their primary objectives, in providing food (lunch sets) for the homeless since 2008. Until today, about 1,300,000 meals have been served to over 15,000 homeless. They also provided other welfare assistance, for example street medical, rehoming, job placement, retunite families and more.

The volunteering teams distributed foods on the streets. (The volunterring activites stopped since June 2021 due to serious pandemic) Photo credit to Kechara Soup Kitchen. 

The volunteers provided welfare aids to the homeless at one night. (The volunterring activites stopped since June 2021 due to serious pandemic) Photo credit to Kechara Soup Kitchen. 

2. Food Banks

Kechara Food Banks focus on helping the poor and the marginalised who are at-risk of becoming homeless. Until today, Kechara Soup Kitchen has up to 150 collection points, 5 operation centers, 49 NGO groups and 422 NGO partner and community centers across Malaysia. They have distributed up to 2,000 verified poor families per month. These verified families are referred by Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM) / Department of Social Welfare Malaysia. 

One of the verified poor families received foods from Kechara Food Banks. Photo credit to Kechara Soup Kitchen. 

3. Empowerment

Kechara also strives to help to change one’s life, by providing skill-set training. They fosters financial independence in individuals in need. The skill-sets such as sewing and baking are provided to individuals. Until today, they successfully garnered RM23,447 of revenue. 

Baking session in Kechara Soup Kitchen. Photo credit to Kechara Soup Kitchen. 

JOYLEE’s Contribution to Kechara Soup Kitchen 

For all profits earned in June 2021, we converted the proceeds to food packs and donated them into their food banks. Despite the seriousness of the pandemic, they are still trying their best to distribute the food supplies to the society. Therefore, JOYLEE also decided to contribute 10 units of our new product 4L Multipurpose Disinfectant for Kechara Soup Kitchen with their own discretion. 

JOYLEE contributed dry and packed foods, and 10 units of 4L of Multipurpose Disinfectant Solutions to Kechara Soup Kitchen. 

If you wish to contribute your part to Kechara Soup Kitchen, feel free to contact via email and contact number +60 10 333 260. You can also donate to the following bank details below: 

Bank Name: Maybank
Account Name: Kechara Soup Kitchen Society
Account No: 5122-3133-4874

Being able to share joy and blessing is sheer happiness❤️🏠 Our charity campaign is ongoing and we pledge to contribute to the community every month. Please stay tuned on our Facebook and Instagram for our charity activity updates.