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JOYCARE Charity Campaign #1: Rumah Kita 

JOYCARE Charity Campaign #1: Rumah Kita 

JOYCARE Charity Campaign Starts NOW! 

During April 2021, the charity campaign Rejuvenate with Joy is held in conjunction with the launching of JOYLEE Rejuvenate Repair Cream. ☘️ This Rejuvenate with Joy campaign will be parked under an umbrella charity campaign named JOYCARE ❤. The objective is to help the unfortunate people as much as we can, especially for those who are having hard time during this Covid-19 pandemic. We are happy to announce that the charity campaign was a success. For all profits earned in May 2021, we decided to donate the proceeds to one of the NGOs - Rumah Kita. 


JOYCARE's Charity First Stop: Rumah Kita 

NGO Rumah Kita was organized by the late Vimmi Razak to provide single pregnant mothers and baby care. Her sister Suraya Razak took over her will to continue to run the house and provide support, especially those who never had their partners or family supporting them throughout their pregnancy. At the same time, she wishes to bring down the number of baby dumping cases in the country. For the past 3 years, they have saved up to 190 babies. 

Puan Suraya bringing home a premature baby from hospital.

A prematured baby was bringing home by Puan Suraya from hospital. (Photo above credited to Rumah Kita) 


We paid a short visit to Rumah Kita recently. We converted the proceeds into Tesco vouchers and some personal care items for their usage. 

When we reached, we saw some children playing around at the front hall of the house.

This baby named Jebat was born premature. Currently he is undergoing some treatment to help with his immature development. 

Our staff from JOYLEE handed over the Tesco Vouchers and personal care items to one of the volunteers in Rumah Kita.  

We hope this little gesture will help them with their basic livings. 

Should you wish to do your part in supporting them, feel free to contact them on Facebook or send your donation to the following bank details: 

Bank Name: Maybank 
Account Name: Pertubuhan Kebajikan dan Pendidikan Rumah Kita 
Account No.: 5644-9042-5736 

Being able to share joy and blessing is sheer happiness❤️🏠 Our charity campaign is ongoing and we pledge to contribute to the community every month. Please stay tuned on our Facebook and Instagram for our charity activity updates. 

** Kindly note that strict SOP is complied during the visit.