JOYCARE Charity Campaign #5: Malaysian Red Crescent Society

JOYCARE Charity Campaign #5: Malaysian Red Crescent Society

JOYCARE Charity Campaign #5: Malaysian Red Crescent Society

Malaysian Red Crescent Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to humanitarian acts and services. In the month of December 2021, 100 pieces of JOYLEE Medical Pro Pulse Oximeter and 48 bottles of JOYLEE Multipurpose Disinfectant were donated to Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS).

In response to the recent flood emergencies in Selangor,

JOYLEE has donated 48 pcs of 4 Liter Multipurpose Disinfectant to Malaysian Red Crescent, in support of their ongoing relief efforts and to prevent germ infections.

As we know, flooding can potentially increase the spread of infectious disease, our Multipurpose Disinfectant would be put in great use to help effectively keep the volunteers and families protected from germs and virus brought by the floodwaters. JOYLEE Multipurpose Disinfectant were distributed to affected places around Selangor, including those in Klang, Shah Alam and Hulu Langat.

Household possessions, including furniture, mattresses, clothes and valuables were damaged and covered with think mud caused by major floods. Photo credits to IFRC/ Fadza Ishak

Red Crescent volunteers dispatched its staff to assist authorities in keeping people safe during evacuation and ensuring that they had access to critical relief materials. Photo credits to IFRC/ Fadza Ishak


On the other side,

100 pieces of JOYLEE Medical Pro Pulse Oximeter would go towards the Home Care Kits program organized by MRCS.

With a focus on healthcare, this program was initiated to supply hygiene kits to the B40 and underprivileged families. The Home Care Kits include pulse oximeter, surgical masks, hand sanitizer and other healthcare essentials which are distributed to protect and improve their health.  

Featuring a box of Home-Care Kit that is ready to be distributed to the underserved families. Photo credits to MRCS.

A representative of Malaysian Red Crescent Society holding the Home-Care Kit. Photo credits to MRCS.


With so much bad news in the society today, from global disaster to ongoing coronavirus outbreaks, sometimes it’s good to be reminded that not everything out there is terrible, there’s a lot going on across our country which is truly great – especially the people who help one another in time of need.


Your kindness is powerful –

How to help:

Bank transfer to:
Malaysian Red Crescent Society
514422102657 (Maybank)