What is nasal congestion? Nasal congestion occurs when nasal and adjacent tissues and blood vessels become swollen with excess fluid (mucus), causing blocked nose, noisy breathing, or trouble feeling. 

Nasal congestion usually annoys older children and adults. Although it is normal for babies to encounter nasal congestion, however, it can be serious for babies as their sleep is disturbed by nasal congestion and it might cause viral illness.

What are the causes of nasal congestion?

1. Exposure to cold weather

Exposure to cold weather will cause nose congestion for babies even for adults. Although it is normal to have such a situation, it could be distressing to parents if the baby cannot suck and breathe at the same time. 


2. Polluted air

Babies will encounter nasal congestion if they are exposed to irritants, such as cigarette smoke, dust, haze, or perfume. Babies could easily get stuffy nose by breathing in such air. Their bodies produce extra mucus in the nose to remove these irritants.


3. Dry air

Other than cold air we mentioned earlier, dry air will also cause a stuffy nose to a baby. Their body will produce more mucus to moisturize their nose. 


4. Viral illness 

Viral illness such as catching a cold is a major cause of nasal congestion. However, nasal congestion or nose block is also a symptom of getting a fever, cough, insomnia, and more. Therefore, parents should take extra care when their babies have a running nose


What are the solutions for nasal congestion? 

1. Nose suction

Parents could try a few saline drops in their baby nostrils to loosen the mucus and then very gently suction her nose with an infant nasal aspirator to clear out her nasal passages. However, parents should pick a quality for nose suction to prevent harm from their babies such as JOYLEE™ Nose Cleaner.

JOYLEE™ Nose Cleaner has effective suction and could solve stuffy nose in 5 seconds. It is also suitable for babies age 0 and above. Babies will get attracted by the built-in music of the nose cleaner. JOYLEE™ Nose Cleaner is a safe and convenient solution for nasal congestion.


2. Humidifier

A cold-mist humidifier could moisturize the air and babies' dry, irritated sinuses. However, parents should take note that it is NOT SUITABLE to use a hot-mist humidifier as it is dangerous to expose to a baby.


3. Warm bath

A warm bath could help babies to clear nasal congestion. Also, a warm bath could distract babies from their discomfort. It is a fun and nice way to get rid of nasal congestion. However, the effect might be short-term.




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