JOYLEE X SUNWAY, COVID-19 Immunisation Programme 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has been wreaking havoc on our lives for over a year now. Physical separation and rigid standard operating procedures (SOP) have become ingrained in our new normal way of life as the regular numbers reach four digits every day. However, with the introduction of vaccines, there is a glimmer of hope that special moments we used to share, such as visiting loved ones during the holiday season will be restored.

In support of the COVID-19 Immunisation Programme by Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah (PKD) Petaling, the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre has been made available rent-free as a vaccination centre for the Petaling District for the benefit of the community. JOYLEE has collaborated with Sunway Pharmacy on marketing the essential needs during this Covid season period. 

The event will be going on for a month period, details are as below:

Period: 21st April - 31st May 2021

Location: Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre

Offers: E-voucher with min. purchase RM100, lucky draw 

SPCC, the country's first private large-scale vaccination centre, will supervise vaccinations for 1.8 million citizens in the Petaling region, which will be carried out by the Petaling health district office while adhering to strict SOPs.

Vaccinations for healthcare staff in government and private hospitals, as well as essential providers, will be administered by the Centre from February to April 2021, followed by vaccinations for remaining healthcare workers, essential workers and enforcers, as well as senior citizens and high-risk classes, from April to August 2021, and finally vaccinations for the general public from August 2021.

During the event opening, Sunway Group founder and chairman, Tan Sri Dr Jeffrey Cheah stated that the company's dedication to nation-building and sustainable development remains firm despite the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic.

The opening ceremony was attended by some of the VIPs namely YBhg. Tan Sri Datuk Razman M. Hashim, Deputy Chairman of Sunway Group, Supt. Amihizam Bin Haji Abdul Shukor, Timbalan Ketua Polis Daerah Subang Jaya, Y.Bhg Dato' Johary Bin Anuar, Pegawai Daerah Petaling, and Y.Bhg Dato' Indera Dr. Sha'ari bin Ngadiman, State Health Director of Selangor.

Here in Joylee, we think about you and your family safety. In this collaboration, we are selling daily essential products for COVID season, such as our Rechargeable & Portable Disinfectant Spray Machine V2, Hand Sanitizer Refill 1L, LED UV Disinfectant Rod V2, Ultraviolet Sterilizer Box, and our current new launch Rejuvenate Repair Cream. We believe these products can help you and your family to protect your hygiene and stay clean all the time mostly at times like this. 

A footage of some of the products sold, such as Rechargeable & Portable Disinfectant Spray Machine Version 2 (800ml), 1L Hand Sanitizer, LED Ultraviolet Disinfectant Rod Version 2, Ultraviolet Sterilizer Box, and Rejuvenate Repair Cream.
1. Ultraviolet Sterilizer Box
Place your smartphones, makeup tools or accessories inside the box and enjoy germ-free items.
2. LED UV Disinfectant Rod V2
Perfect solution for virus or bacteria infection. Keeping you and your family safe, protected, and healthy especially during these times.
3. Rechargeable & Portable Disinfectant Spray Machine Version 2
Keeping your items and belongings clean and safe from the unseen germs and bacteria. Travel-friendly, and convenient to use, perfect tool for your home daily cleaning.
4. Hand Sanitizer 1L Refill
Our 1L Hand Sanitizer 1L Refill is made from 75% of pure ethanol. Perfect size for your daily sanitize and disinfecting routine, whether it be at home, office, or any of your chattels.
5. JOYLEE® Rejuvenate Repair Cream
Reduce skin inflammation and itchiness, soothing redness, prevent scaly skin, protect the skin barrier, and good use as a mosquito repellent.
These items are essential for your daily sanitization routine! 🙆👍
A glimpse of our Joylee Founder, Olivia Chew, sharing information on Rejuvenate Repair Cream to our guests.

The SPCC team, Joylee has collaborated with Sunway Pharmacy team during this private immunisation programme event. 

Together, we help and build a healthy and Joyful community! 💪


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Duration: 21 Apr - 31 May 2021

Time: 8:30AM - 4:30PM

Venue: Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre (SPCC)

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Remember to always wear your mask 😷 and keep your hands sanitized all the time! 😊