Keeping your child safe is the responsibilities of a parents. It might be excited for parents to bring their baby home from hospital. However, the excitement will be mixed with anxiety at the same time. Making sure the baby is safe and secure all the time is not difficult but worrying. 

There are lots of child injuries cases in Malaysia and some of them causes death or permanent injury. This unfortunate event can be prevented by parents. Home safety is about supervising your baby or child, creating a safe environment for them to prevent harm. Parents can commit a lot to avoid common or permanent injuries like burn, fall, drown and more. 

On the other hand, if your child is injured, parents should know some basics first aid such as CPR so they can save their child before help arrive.



What are he checklist of child safety at home?

1. Sleeping environment

It is important to have a safe sleeping environment for your baby or kids to avoid harm. There are many unexpected cases that caused permanent injuries or death to the baby when they are sleeping. For example, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Here are some tips!

Parents should put their baby sleep on their back to make sure that they can breathe. Do not have fluffy toys , doona covers in the sleeping area to prevent overheat or smother the baby. Parents should avoid everything that could straggle your baby while they sleep.

Other than that, keep your baby head uncovered while they sleep. No one should be allow to smoke in the house or around the baby as it would cause asphyxia or suffocation to the baby.

Breastfeeding your baby provides important immune factors, such as antibodies, to help protect babies from SIDS. Breastfed babies are also more easily aroused from sleep at two to three months of age, which is the peak age of SIDS occurrence.



2. Burn prevention

As your baby may sometimes be clingy, parents will have no choice only to carry them and do housechores at the same time. However, do not hold your baby while you are drinking hot liquid, cooking, handling hot utensil, smoking and anything that will burn the baby.

Other than that, parents should check the the temperature of everything that would burn the baby. Parents can measure the temperature of bottle on the inside with their wrist. They can also check the bath water temperature with elbow. Be in mind to keep the temperature of hot water heater below 49 degree Celsius.



3. Baby accident prevention

Baby accident might be a wide topic to discuss, however here are some prevention to do to avoid common accident. 

Parents should keep sharp and hazardous object in a secure place that out of baby's reach. Make sure your baby are unable to touch electrical appliance at home. They should not be able to pull lamps or other electrical object on top of themselves. Parents can use electrical tape to secure the electrical cords.

Moreover, parents should make sure all drawers have installed a stop to make sure that toddler cannot pull the drawer out on top of themselves. Attach the furniture to the wall to avoid falling over the child.



4. Baby crawling and walking safety

After a few months, your baby might start crawling or walking around the house. They might be curious on anything in the house. Parents should make sure that the home is completely safe. Here are some checklist parents should bare in mind.

Parents should make sure all electrical outlet, cords or medication is out of reach from the baby's walking distance. Parents should not let their children to reach the place where they cook. They should also make sure there is a safe zone for their baby to practice walking and exploring around the house.

As a solution, parents could install safety gates securely to prevent their children walk into dangerous area such as kitchen. However, they should avoid using safety gate that their toddlers could climb, such as diamond-shaped slats.

Parent should also keep their toilet door close to prevent drowning and slamming. Cushion the hard edges and sharp corners of furniture. Try to move sharp-edged pieces of furniture away from high traffic areas.



5. Baby's Hygienic

Germs and viruses is unseen and some are highly contagious. It might cause Hand-Foot-Mouth-Disease (HFMD), Diarrhea and more. Parents should make sure the environment is clean and hygienic to prevent virus infection. Baby often chew their hands for various reasons. Therefore, it is highly possible that they will get infected. 

Germs and viruses cam be easily brought back from outside. Therefore, parents should clean themselves and their belonging to avoid virus infection to their baby.


JOYLEE®️ Daily Protection Combo

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JOYLEE®️ Disinfectant Spray

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This disinfectant spray is a quick drying material that are suitable to clean every corner in the hospital room. Cleaning every corner of the hospital room will be a good way to prevent virus.



JOYLEE®️ Hand Sanitizer

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