5 Tips of Getting Postpartum Weight Loss

5 Tips of Getting Postpartum Weight Loss

5 Tips of Getting Postpartum Weight Loss

Weight changing after delivering always have significant health effect to women. The fats in women's body is normally to retain for breastfeeding or delivering. However, it always stays in their body that cause weight gain or maybe obesity. In the worst case, the fats might cause serious illness such as heart attack. Therefore, it is very important for women to control their weight after pregnancy.

Understanding women experiences with weight changes on postpartum period can improve the management of losing weight following pregnancy, avoid long term weight gain and so reduce the risk of obesity.  Mommies should have the correct management of obesity to prevent major dysfunction.  

What are the tips for postpartum weight loss?

1.  Breastfeeding

It is recommended to have breastfeeding for women as it would help women lose weight after giving birth. Researchers have examined the effects of breastfeeding on postpartum weight loss. Women who exclusively breastfed for at least 3 months lost 3.2 pounds (lb) more than women who did not breastfeed or combined breastfeeding with formula feeding.

Other than that, breastfeeding can have extra benefits for both mommy and baby. Breastfeeding could enhance the immune system of baby and provide vital nutrient that could reduce the risk of serious baby illness such as infant death syndrome of childhood obesity. Other than losing weight, breastfeeding could also help the contraction of uterus for mommy. It could also reduce the risk of breast cancer for mommy.



2. Food consumption

 After delivery, women should reduce the consumption of highly processed food such as microwave meals, fast food, junk food and more. It would retain the excess body weight after giving birth.

Women should consume more protein-rich food to reduce calorie intake and promote weight loss. This is because our body uses more energy to digest protein. Other than protein, high fiber food could promote weight loss and provide bowel health. As the body cannot break down fiber, this carbohydrate can make people feel full for a longer duration without adding extra calories.

Moreover, it is highly not recommended to skip meal or crash your diet with just low calories food as your body might not be able to obtain vital nutrient. This is potentially harmful to your body especially during recovery period. Managing calorie intake might be useful for you to get enough energy and nutrition you need. Lastly and most importantly, SAY NO TO ALCOHOL that would provide excessive calories.



3. Timeline for weight loss

Recovery period is unavoidable after giving birth. Therefore, mommy should not expect to lose weight immediately. Women should wait until the completion of their postpartum checkup which normally takes 12 weeks, then begin to lose weight after the recommendation of health advisor. 

The health advisor or doctor can provide weight management option during postpartum checkup. Therefore, the weight loss timeline might be varies on each person. According to the research, women lose an average of 10 lb immediately after giving birth. Gradual weight loss will usually continue over several months. Combining a healthful diet with regular physical activity can promote healthy weight loss.



4. Rest and exercise

After delivery, mommy should get enough sleep although the little ones might need you around the clock. Discuss between partners regarding this matter to make sure that you can have adequate sleep that could benefit on weight loss. For new mothers, getting enough sleep can be a challenge. Strategies that may help include asking for help from family and friends and limiting your caffeine intake.



Other than that, exercising is also useful on postpartum weight loss. Be mindful to get an advice with your doctor especially for mommy who are having a Cesarean delivery. Walking, jogging, even cycling might help on weight loss.



5. Slimming brief

As your body shape would change your body shape. A postpartum shape wear could regain your pre-pregnancy posture by acting as a soft reminder to broaden your shoulders and sit up straight. It can also ease back pain and aid your body returning to its pre-pregnancy glory by shaping the skin back to its normal stat.

For natural birth, it is recommended to wear after the recovery of all organs. It would normally take 3-4 weeks. For Cesarean section, a slimming brief is able to create a  between your stitches and your regular clothes. However, be mindful that parents should only use a slimming brief after recovery. Get an advice from your healthcare provider.



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