Being a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) is tough. Most people think that a SAHM are living in a luxurious and free lifestyle. Although having a children will be the most wonderful moment in your life, however it might not be fun when it comes to commitment. 

The basic definition of a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) is someone who stays home to raise her children and manage her household. She may have one child or several children, and they can range in ages from newborn all the way up to teenagers in high school.

There are several things to consider before you decide to become a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM). 



What are the things to consider as a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) ?

1. Family Budget

Before you decided not to return to work after the baby was born, look and consider at your household budget and make sure you can afford every expenses such as household bills.

If one income can cover all of the necessities, being a SAHM can be a really good option for you and your family. Write down all the expenses to manage your family budget as it could make a real progress towards your financial goal to your family even though you are a SAHM.

Some SAHM would prefer to work from home as their part-time job to maintain the financial stability. 

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2. Responsibilities between partners

According to research, a single income family had a higher chance to face relationship problems. Marriage that has only a sole breadwinner get divorced at a rate of 14% above average. This is because both parties refuse to understand and discuss with each others. 

Before becoming a SAHM, parents should discuss with each other regarding the responsibilities towards the family. This can help you feel less stressed about doing everything. Clear expectations lets you know what you do not have to do and what you want to get done throughout the day.

This would help you to gain a healthy relationship.


3. Estimation of time frame to be a SAHM

Although there is no time frame as a parents but not SAHM. Some parents stay at home until their children are in preschool or high school. The time frame as a SAHM is depends on each family. Parents have to know that as their children are growing, they might need to consider extra financial commitment such as college fees, car loan, insurance and more.

By estimating the time frame, parents could have their future planned and get ready physically and psychologically to change their life. This will also give you a better sense of how long you will be in this role making it more maintaining for you to live this way.



4. Consider other options

There are always other option for you instead of becoming a SAHM. For example, parents could send their children to daycare or other family members. This is important because it relates to the willingness of parents to be a SAHM.  

Being a SAHM might not be what you want. If you love your job and unwilling to leave it, considering other option might be better than forcing things to happen. This might not seems as a problem, but it will definitely affect the family relationship including your children.



5. Preparation to be a SAHM

Lastly and most importantly, ask yourself whether you are ready to be a SAHM. It is important for parents to prepare well before becoming a SAHM. This is because a SAHM will spend most of her time on managing the household and her children. A good preparation will make her life way easier. 

Parents should be prepared on the basics, which is baby equipment, so they don't have to feel helpless when they need something.


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