After giving birth, mommy may feel exhausted and weak. After the recovery period, mommy might feel itching to get back to exercise regularly, especially if they were active before and during pregnancy. Other than physical, mommy might feel mentally or emotionally stress too. Postpartum exercise is a best way to avoid overthinking or postpartum depression (PPD).

Therefore, having a postpartum workout plan may help you feel better physically and emotionally. However, there are many things to consider before you start a postpartum exercise. Let's see!

What are the things to know regarding postpartum workout?

1. When can you start your postpartum exercises?

Birth experience (vaginal birth or C-section) is an important consideration in postpartum workout. Make sure that you are not experiencing any red flag symptoms such as abdominal pain, vaginal pain, bleeding, fluid leakage (urine or feces), and more.

If you are experiencing vaginal birth, you can actually begin to modify pre-pregnancy exercises after birth if you did not have any complication during the delivering process or any red-flag symptoms. Start with your bodyweight or lightweight workout, then increase the  intensity and duration slowly to your comfort level. If you have a tearing vaginal birth, it normally takes 2 to 3 weeks to recover. In the meantime, talk to your doctor about postpartum exercises and suggestion. 

If you are having a Caesarian birth, you should start walking the day after delivery if possible, this will boost your circulation, lower your risk of developing a blood clot and help with gas. However, as far as exercise goes, you'll most likely want to wait until at least the six-week. The most important rule: Talk to your practitioner before you start any workout regime.



2. Should I exercise when I am breastfeeding?

Over excessive workout can actually impact breast milk supply. Breastmilk supply need a large amount of metabolic resources. Breastfeeding requires an additional 300 calories above that required at the end of pregnancy.

Mommy should not be confuse regarding exercise and breastfeeding. It is recommended for mommy to have enough calories and keep hydrated to make sure the quality and supply of breastmilk. Therefore, mommy should not stop eating to lose weight as it would diminish milk volume.

Although studies show that regular exercise at moderate to high intensity does not alter the quality or quantity of breast milk, but that extremely intense anaerobic exercise, such as jumping, sprinting, may alter the taste of milk due to physiological byproducts of exercise (such as lactic acid) and may impact your baby's nursing behavior. Baby might refuse to consume breastmilk.



3. Is sleeping or resting important?

Although exercising is able to provide more energy to mommy in long-term. However, in short-term, it will deplete mommy's energy too. Mommy have to take care of their newborn as they might start tantruming or being needy. Although the little baby might sleep about 20 hours per day at first, however, they might get more active after some time. By that time, mothers might have trouble getting enough consecutive hours of sleep to feel well-rested and to feel like they have the energy to work out.

Mommy should listen to their body and not create exhaustion in the baby care process. Mommy have to rest and restore in order to offer to their family or baby.



4. What are the the suitable postpartum exercise for mommy?

a. Walking

Although walking does not sound effective, however it is a simplest way to ease into a fitness routine after giving birth especially for Caesarian birth mommy. 

Mommy could start by using a stroller to bring your baby and as support. After some consistent training,  mommy can also include their baby by bringing them along in a front pack. The extra weight can increase the benefits of this exercise.



b. Deep belly breathing

Deep belly breathing with abdominal contraction is easy and it help to relax muscle and start the process of strengthening and toning your abs and belly. Mommy can start this exercise an hour after giving birth.

Mommy should sit upright and breathe deeply, drawing air from the diaphragm upward. Contract and hold your abs tight while inhaling and relax while exhaling. Gradually increase the amount of time you can contract and hold your abs.



c. Kegel exercise

The most popular exercise recommended for new mother. This is because the pelvic floor supports the bladder, uterus and bowel for the women. These muscles also provide support for the pregnancy and aid in delivery process.

Kegel exercise is effective as the muscle of mommy may be weakened during pregnancy and delivery. Hence, Kegel exercise could strengthen the muscle of mommy to avoid complication such as urinary and faecal incontinence.



d. Postpartum Planks

The standard plank is an excellent total body exercise that retrains the core, strengthens the muscles in your upper body, and gives your glutes a nice lift. You can perform a standard plank within the first few weeks of giving birth, as long as you had a vaginal delivery without complications.



5. How to manage my baby when I am doing an exercise?

As your baby grow everyday, their sleeping routine might keep changing. It will affect the time for mommy to have their postpartum exercises. Mommy have to get used to their baby sleeping routine and always get ready on lifestyle changes.

Other than getting help and support from others, mommy can also bring their baby out for exercise. They could bring their baby for a walk or classes such as baby yoga. However, this might leads to a problem. Mommy might need to bring up every baby equipment such as diapers, baby bottles, baby scarf, milk powder and more. 

It is important for mommy to keep organize on baby's equipment to prevent inconvenience while bringing their baby out for exercise. 


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