1 Year Warranty Card



This warranty card is to inform users about the warranty terms and conditions of our product. The product has a warranty of 1 year. The company is responsible for any kind of problem with the product within a year of its purchase. The product would be replaced or repaired free of cost if there is any problem with its working, but under the following conditions, the warranty would not be provided:

  1. The product has been opened by any other person other than our company's technician.
  2. The product was exposed to extreme heat.
These are the terms and conditions of the warranty. We are sure that our product would provide you the comfort you wished. For any other information please drop us a line at our customer service.
Kindly take note, JOYLEE® warranty is only available for electrical devices. Non-electrical products are not applicable for warranty.


Terms & Conditions

Our warranty is only available for these products:

- Nose Cleaner Version 3

- Nail Trimmer

Take note, the customer has to purchase both of the items above together with the warranty card in one order to enjoy the benefits.