JOYLEE© Hand Sanitizer is Safe to Human Body

JOYLEE© Hand Sanitizer is Safe to Human Body

JOYLEE© Hand Sanitizer is Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) approved. 

Are you worried if our hand sanitizer is harmful to human body?

Unlike benzalkonium chloride and sliver ion, optimum level of ethanol is safe to human body. JOYLEE© Hand Sanitizer, namely disinfectant ethanol, is made from 75% of pure ethanol. The main ingredient, ethanol alcohol is extracted naturally from sugar cane plants to reassure the well-being our consumers. This is made suitable for people who have sensitive skin, pregnant women and even kids more than 1-year-old. Followed by the recommendation of World Health Organization, JOYLEE is keeping 75% of ethanol content to ensure our hand sanitizer is effective to kill germs and viruses while keeping it safe to human body.

Approved by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM), JOYLEE© Hand Sanitizer is safe to spray on human body.

Our hand sanitizer is administered in Malaysia complies with Control of Drug and Cosmetic Regulation 1984 Regulation 18 A (2). 

According to the Drug Control Authority (DCA), any drug in a pharmaceutical dosage form, intended to be used, or claimed to be capable of being used on humans or any animals, whether internally or externally, for a medicinal purpose is required to be registered with the Control of Drug and Cosmetic Regulation. It implies that our hand sanitizer is safe and standard to be placed in contact with human body (skin, hair & nail) with an aim to clean or protect them. 

We ensure all JOYLEE© Hand Sanitizer go through a stringent process and checks before being released to the market. Our hand sanitizer provides hospital-grade protection, hence there is no need to worry about irritating your skin because this non-sticky and preservative free hand sanitizer will work well for you as it is dermatologically tested.

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