Parenting is one of the most amazing and difficult experience for parents. There are times when parents can't keep their cool to the new challenges they faced on parenting. It is important for parents to remain calm and be rational instead of showing their anger. 

Children are constantly growing up and they never stop learning. While learning and exploring, they might need some help or opinions from their parents in order not to have bad influences. It is normal for parents do not know what to do in some situations. 



What are the common parenting education challenges?

1. Consistent Tantrum

There are different kinds of tantrum which is differentiate by younger children tantrum (true tantrum) and older children tantrum. True tantrums are total emotional overwhelm and are common in very young children .The emotional overwhelm sends them into a reactive state, and just providing empathy and a loving presence to help them to express their feelings.

Older children may “tantrum” if they feel they are being treated unfairly . This is a signal that they need help developing better emotional control and learning how to express emotions appropriately.

It is complicated to stop a tantrum as there are various reasons that caused it. However, feelings cannot be punished away. They have to be worked out by communicating and determining why a tantrum is occurring. Parents should give their children the knowledge and skills to move beyond their feelings.



2. Improper eating habit

One of the biggest problem parents face is that their children do not eat proper meals. They will refuse to eat at the right time with a right quantity. They will refrain from eating healthy vegetables and often opting for unhealthy food such as sweets and snacks.

Parents should not force their kids to eat reluctantly. They should try to talk to their child about the effect of consuming too much junk food and too less healthy food. Parents could also include their children in various activities of the kitchen and let them see how a nutritious meal is prepared.



3. Disobedience

There are times that when your child refuse to listen to you. Most parents interpret this as rudeness or being over-smart but your child is primarily trying to establish his own importance and opinion. It would make your children to be more aggressive if parents create a power dynamic of their superiority. Nagging, lecturing , demanding or even punishment do nothing to foster cooperation. Even if it compel the child to act, but it will not be a real cooperation.

To solve this problem, it is important to keep the bond with your child strong. When children feel close and connected, they will generally cooperate well. Moreover, communicate with your children on the reason and necessities to listen. However, if the children is getting rude, parents should be firm and strict right away.



4. Lying

Children can learn to tell lies from an early age, usually around three years of age. This is when children start to realize that you aren’t a mind reader, so they can say things that aren’t true without you always knowing.

Parents should not start scolding their child for lying for the first time. Parents should start explaining and encouraging their children to tell the truth by emphasizing the importance of honestly.



5. Independence

Nowadays, overprotective children are relying on their parents too much. They have everything they demand from their parents. Independence is an important aspect of your child’s development. 

Parents can teach their children problem solving skills and encourage them to fix their problems rather than telling them what to do. To work on it, parents could let their children participate in household chores or encourage and praise children's attempts to do things for themselves no matter what the outcome.

Other than that, children should know how to take care of themselves. It is useful for parents to ready some simple tools for their children.




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In conclusion, the key of parenting education is communication. It is important to communicate with your children and help them to identify what is right or wrong. Patience is the key of successful parenthood. 



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