Have you ever wondered about communicating with your baby?  Well, first of all, you will need to know whether they could understand you. The understanding of a baby will keep improving through their growth and development although some babies will progress at different rates.

1) Newborn

A newborn baby can't understand too much but they are sensitive to loud noises. They will often startle or give attention to loud noises. They can only have the image in their eyes with contrasting black and white. 


2) 1 to 3 Months

During this time, babies will start to build up their understanding and awareness of the world at different rates. They might start to recognize familiar voices. They could also respond to social contact from others such as smiles, moves their arms and legs in rhythm with other voices.


3) 4 to 6 Months

Interaction might be one of the best progression at this stage for babies. they could recognize familiar things and people, even his own name. However, at this stage, babies might start to show displeasure and rejection as they begin to understand the theory of cause and effect.


4) 7 to 9 Months

The cutest thing about this stage is that babies start to be responsive. They could respond to their own name or show their interest against something. They could pay attention and also demand attention at this age.



5) 10 to 12 Month

Babies at this age begin to recognize familiar objects and pictures. They will start to have curiosity and want to explore. At this stage, they are much more aware of others as well as themselves.


6) What they don't understand?

Babies love to chew their own hands because of various reasons such as teething. they also like to put everything in their mouth. It seems fine that with it but unfortunately bacteria or viruses are actually attacking your babies



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