Culture is a social behavior and norms found in human society. There are lots of culture that were brought down by the ancestors. A tradition is a belief or behavior passed down within a group or society with symbolic meaning or special significance with origins in the past. 

It is normal that children have heard of their cultural heritage or follow the tradition of their family. The importance of children to understand the culture and tradition of their family should be relevant in their education. Children could get to know their identity and social behavior of their blood line. 

Other than their own culture and tradition, knowing the culture and tradition of others could benefit them in different ways.

What are the importance of teaching the traditions and cultures to your children?

1. Develops self-esteem and respects for others

Culture and tradition offer a sense of comfort and belonging that connect a person with her roots while growing. They would be proud of their culture and tradition that could improve their self-esteem as a part of his/her family. By understanding their own culture and tradition, children can realize their self-worth, as they understand where they are from. 

By letting children know their unique bloodline or place in this diverse world of multi culture, it could provide a deep sense of respect about other culture, beliefs and more. This is because they would prefer others to respect their culture and tradition as well.



2. Appreciation

When children understand something, they valued it. When they value something, they will protect it. This is a very important mindset for children as they need to learn how to appreciate things and protect them from vanishing. Children will start to appreciate their culture and heritage when they applied it to their own life.

Children can understand how human is being connected by their culture and tradition is this big world. Appreciation is an important lesson that children should learn by understanding their culture and tradition as it could benefit their life. Appreciation thought will begin to root in the children's mind easily by learning their own culture and traditions. 



3. Learn from mistakes

As mentioned before, culture and tradition often brought down by our ancestors. However, ancestors is also a human being, they will also make mistakes. By understanding the culture and tradition, children can start thinking about the mistakes or lessons of the past. 

There are possibilities that children might not be able to think in a right way. Therefore, it is important for parents to give their children some advice. It would be a "Golden Lessons" for the children.



4. Unity among diversity

The world is a place with diverse nations and different cultures with different traditions. Children is one of the nation-builders of the future. They need to grow up learning about the diversity as they are the one to keep this sense of unity intact further in the future. Therefore, it is important for them to grow up with the spirit of appreciating and preserving unity with culture and tradition.

There are lots of ways in promoting unity in diversity such as breaking stereotypes, improve communication with people from the varied background, enhance the capability of critical thinking, and more. However, parents have to start educating their children on this matter by starting with introducing their own culture and tradition.



5. Improve as a person

Children can quickly adapt new things and stay open minded in new situation when they started to explore in different culture and tradition. They can also develop conflict resolution skills especially racial conflict.

As mentioned previously, children will learn to appreciate after knowing their own culture and tradition. They will learn to love themselves in many ways as they are proud of their bloodline and the sacred things that their ancestors had brought down to them. Most importantly, they will love themselves more than usual.

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