Sometimes we might admire the soft and flawless skin of a newborn babies or infants. However, they have a quite sensitive and tender skin which would be easily affected by various causes. Parents should subsequently protect their baby's from rashes or skin infection by understanding the cause and effect. 

The common baby's skin infection would be rashes such as baby acne, nappy rash, eczema and more. Parents should understand more about these rashes to have a quick treatment on serious skin infection such as chicken pox, meningitis rash, and more. Parents should investigate more on their children's condition. 

Other than being aware of this, parents should start to do prevention on this matters. There are lots of prevention method to avoid baby's skin infection. 

What are the tips of taking care baby's skin?

1. Bathing routine

Bathing is a must for a baby, however not too frequently. It is recommended to bath your baby twice or three times a week. It is better to use shampoo and soaps which do not cause an allergic reaction to the baby as their skin is tender. 

Temperature is one of the important things to consider as you do not want your babies to catch a cold. Wash your baby with lukewarm water (2-3 inches) and gentle soap. Get a pour cupfuls of water over the babies' shoulders to avoid catching a cold. Wipe your babies with regular cotton or smooth towels to avoid unexpected scratches. 



2. Baby products

Other than shampoo or soap, it is also essential to put some lotions or oils on baby's skin to keep it moisture. It is recommended to use fragrance-free and tear-free shampoos, bath gels or lotions. However, parents should be watchful of baby's reaction in case of allergic.

Other than direct skin contact's products, other things that parents should keep away from indirectly contact with your newborn’s skin include, detergents, perfumes, or clothe dyes, as exposing your child’s skin to such chemicals can put it at greater risk of developing skin allergies later on. Parents should always pay attention on this as it is a common mistakes that regular parents made.



3. Dry skin

As mentioned in previously, baby's skin can be protected by moisturizing it with gels, lotions or any products that were non-chemical and specially manufactured for babies.  Pure coconut oil might be the best for baby's skin. Parents should use the best skin care product for babies and check on any allergic reaction regularly.

Dry skin often occur by bathing too often, it would sap the vital nutrients from the skin, leaving it dull and dry. Natural moisture is important on taking care of baby skin, therefore during the first few months, parents should keep the baby clean by gently sponge her with plain water for two or three times by not using any baby gels or soap.

It is easy for germs and viruses to contaminate dry skin even for adult. 



4. Diapers 

Diapers are meant to keep baby clean and fresh. However, certain diapers may irritate baby's skins and cause rashes or infections. Parent should choose a soft and absorbent diapers that are not too tight or loose. It is recommended to change baby's diapers every two hours if he/she is a newborn. 

After changing the diapers, clean and wipe the area and apple some baby powder to keep it dry and clean. Normally skin rashes that are caused by diapers problem are not a serious problem. However, if the rashes in the area are too serious, kindly visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Other than diapers itself, parents should consider the environment while changing their diapers. Parents should seek for a clean and dry place to change their baby diapers. Parents could use a water-proof changing pad to avoid unhygienic changing process.




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5. Sharp nails

Although baby's nails are small and thin, they might be sharp. It is important for parents to pay attention on this issue because baby might accidentally scratch their skin or face that cause bleeding or scar. If it bleed, it might cause germs contaminations. 

Baby nails grow quickly, so you may need to file or trim your baby’s nails every week or more often. However, baby's nails and skin  is soft and fragile, it is not suitable to use conventional nail clippers to cut baby's nails especially when they are moving.




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