Self-confidence allows one to have realistic and positive views of themselves and the situation where they were involved. A confident person will accept every challenge and admit their limitations.

However, there are lots of people that were lack of self-confidence. Low self-confidence interacts differently for each person. For example, genes, cultural background, childhood experiences, and other circumstances.

A lack of confidence will affect someone's life progression.  They allowed negative feedback to undermine their self-esteem instead of using it as a lesson. 

Here is the question:

How to improve our self-confidence?

1. Kill negative thought

A negative thought is one of the main factors of losing self-confidence.  To kill negative thoughts, you have to be aware of your self-talking. Never convince yourself through negative though.

You have to start replacing negativity to the maximum positivity. Therefore, talk to yourself carefully.



2. Get to know yourself

As you are trying to overcome low self-confidence, you have to understand yourself better. Start listening to your thought or writing a diary about your life.

You could reflect your daily life at the end of each day to improve our self-development. You need to know how to improve yourselves by understanding your weaknesses.



3. Speak confidently

Speaking seems like a simple thing to do for everyone. However, it could affect how others perceive you.

Speaking slowly with a suitable tone and voice could train your self-confidence when someone is listening to you and appreciate your appearance. 



4.  Set goals and achieve it

People often make mistakes and get discouraged when they failed. However, setting a goal for yourself could help you to learn from your mistakes and achieve your goals. Feel free to set a lot of small goals instead of big goals to build up your self-confidence slowly.

Since consistency is the key, when time flies, you will find that setting a goal became a consistent behavior in your daily life and you will become a more confident person. 



5. Appearance

A number of existing researches have confirmed that physical appearance is positively related to self-esteem level. Appearance can be defined from different perspectives, such as body shape, look, behavior, and more.

Most of the people will lose their confidence because they do not have a good appearance. There are lots of cases that people would change their looks to become a more confident person through plastic surgery. There are also lots of people who exercise and keep fit to have a better appearance.

As we can see, a better appearance can boost your confidence easily.



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In conclusion, there are lots of ways to improve your self-confidence.

Never give up on yourself to be a better person.

Act NOW and be a confident person that is proud of yourself. 


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