Being a parent is hard especially when you start worrying about everything about your babies. Understanding your babies seem like a difficult job as babies do not know how to express their feelings. It is common for babies to chew their hand on expressing signals.


Why do babies chew their hands?

1. Hunger

In the newborn months, a baby who sucks their hand may be trying to tell you they’re hungry. They suck their hand as a signal for their hunger. However, they might also start licking their lips, rooting, or crying as a sign of hunger too. 

Parents should start thinking about when they last fed their babies when they started to chew their hands.



2. Teething

Babies chewing on their hands often get mistaken as a symptom of teething. Be in mind that this will only be possible if your baby is 4 to 7 months old. Teething could cause hurtful or itchy feeling to their gum as their teeth were starting to cut out. Therefore, rubbing it against something could make it feel better.

If your baby has been drooling, irritated, or having frequent wakings, it’s probably safe to assume teething is to blame.



3. Discovery

Other than teething and hunger, a baby might use their hands and mouth to have discoveries in their past newborn stage. On the other hand, they are in the stage of learning and exploring. 

According to researches, babies suck on things or objects in their mouth, and tongue helps them to learn about the world. 



What are the risks of hand chewing?

1. Germs infection

Babies touch lots of things during the day. They might get infected by germs when they chew their hand. This may cause infection such as hand, mouth, foot disease.



Therefore, it is important for parents to sanitize every corner or objects in their home. It is not easy to sterilize everything as germs are unseen and unavoidable. However, JOYLEE™ could provide a perfect solution for parents.

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2. Long Nails

If the babies chew their hands with long nails, they might hurt themselves by scratches. They might also get infected by germs that accumulate in their fingernails.

Therefore, it is important for parents to keep their baby fingernails short. However, baby nails are soft and fragile. Parents should seek suitable equipment to trim their baby's nails. 

JOYLEE™ Nail Trimmer

Provide a suitable solution regarding nail trimming for babies. 

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3. Habits

Chewing fingernails might become a habit that was harder to break. Parents should stop their children from chewing their fingernails or hand at a certain age. 





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