Postpartum recovery is one of the most important things to do after giving birth to women. Without postpartum rest, it might bring disastrous consequences physically or psychologically, such as breast infection or postpartum depression.

After the delivery, mommy should get 6 weeks as a postpartum recovery period. They will encounter a lot of problems such as baby blues, abdominal pain, constipation, and more. Therefore, mommy should spend at least 1-2 months to recover from it.




What should we do for postpartum recovery?

1. Stay hydrated and consume fiber

It is very common to be constipated after delivery. There are various reasons that cause this problem. For example, pain-relieving drugs, anesthesia, or psychological fear. 

To ease constipation, mommy should drink plenty of water and eat more food that contains fiber. If the situation does not improve after 4 days, visit the doctor immediately.



2. Exercise

If you've had a C-section, exercising is likely off-limit for at least the first few weeks. If you had a natural birth, you shouldn't be immediately going back to a pre-pregnancy hardcore workout routine. 

Always ask your doctor about when and how you can exercise. Regardless of how you deliver, you can start the exercises by walking.  Walking helps with gas and constipation and speeds recovery by boosting circulation and muscle tone.



3. Communicate with others

Mommy will be excited and happy to welcome their baby. However, the next minute, mommy might feel sad and anxious. There will be emotional confusion.

This situation normally calls baby blues. Mommy should confine her friends or family and have communication about the situation. Postpartum depression is different and serious than baby blues. If mommy is severely feeling sad or hopeless, it is recommended to confront a psychiatrist.

Mommies have to believe that a new baby is like the beginning of ll thing- Love, Hope, and a dream of possibilities. 



4. Doctor appointment

It is important to do a constant postpartum body checkup. This is because mommy might not be able to identify her health condition by herself. A suitable postpartum body checkup will also affect the body condition of mommies in her whole life.

Always prioritize the health condition of mommy. Do not skip the body checkup to save money!



5. Early preparation

To avoid last-minute preparation or omission, parents should be well-prepared after the baby was born. Life would be easier if there is some support from useful equipment. For example, mommy could clean the baby's stuffy nose and calm him/her from crying. 

Mommies can avoid the hassle by having an early preparation for childbirth.


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