Postpartum depression is a behavioral change that happens in some parents after giving birth. However, women are more likely to encounter this problem.  According to research, postpartum depression is a form of major depression that begins within 4 weeks after delivery.

Postpartum depression might cause a lot of problems and adverse outcomes for children. Untreated postpartum depression can be dangerous for new moms especially for symptoms that persist beyond 2 weeks. She might feel extremely anxious or has thoughts of harming herself or her baby.

Symptoms of postpartum depression can be difficult to detect as it is a psychological matter.

Here are some symptoms of postpartum depression:

  • Rapid mood swing
  • Difficulty on sleeping
  • Constantly feeling stressful
  • Bad appetite
  • Delusions (paranoid and irrational belief)



How to prevent Postpartum Depression?

1. Exercise

Studies show that physical activity might help to combat postpartum depression. Exercising is an efficient way to achieve better psychological well-being as well as ease the symptoms of postpartum depression.

Exercising such as walking with the baby in a stroller, going to the gym, swimming, can also help to ease the postpartum depression. Try to aim for 20-30 minutes of exercising per day.



2. Resist isolation

Newborn mom might feel isolated at times. Researchers found that new mothers had lower levels of depression after regularly speaking with experienced mothers who had previously experienced postpartum depression.

On the other hand, social interaction is also a way of easing postpartum depression. There are lots of social media website or groups are open for a new mom to share their problem and seek a solution.

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3. Create time for yourself

As life is changing because of the newborn baby, parents have to change their daily lifestyle and commit more time to their babies.

Parents may find it helpful to have some private time for themselves. They will feel less restricted to their responsibilities and feel more relax. Try to make more time for yourself, go on a walk, meditation, take a nap, and relax.



4. Make time for your relationship with your partner

A relationship is the primary source of emotional expression and social connection. A newborn baby can get in the way of a relationship unless the couple takes some time and energy to preserve their bond.

Parents should work together on every aspect especially the responsibilities of their children. A healthy relationship will definitely ease postpartum depression.



5. Early preparation

Parents should start doing researches regarding newborn babies beforehand. This is to reduce the distress of the parents after the baby was born. 

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. Parents should start planning and study more about newborn babies. For example, the behavior of a newborn baby, ways of pampering a baby, and more.

Most importantly, parents should start preparing their baby equipment early. 

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